Yee Hah & Doo Dah in Bronco Breakin' Boots was a short created by Kenny Duggan and produced by Pitch Productions for the Cartoon Network. The short premiered on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays on June 15, 2001 as one of ten contenders for Cartoon Network's Big Pick 2, the winner of which would become the next Cartoon Cartoon. The short did not win The Big Pick, and was not picked up by Cartoon Network to become a full-length series.


A cowboy and his horse, Yee Hah and Doo Dah, reside in Manhattan's Central Park after having moved from Texas. Yee Hah enjoys the city life until he discovers that the city pavement is giving him a dreadful blister. Much to Doo Dah's dismay, he decides to stop walking and ride his horse everywhere, thereby cramping Doo Dah's New York lifestyle. Eventually, Doo Dah finds the real culprit behind Yee Hah's sore feet: the branding iron, tractor, etc. that Yee Hah has been hiding in his boots.


Main Roles

  • Yee Hah
  • Doo Dah

Minor Roles

  • Milton
  • Mary


  • Rafael Ferrer - Yee Hah
  • Thomas Hayden Church - Doo Dah


  • Yee Hah & Doo Dah in Bronco Breakin' Boots
  • Created by: Kenny Duggan
  • Directed by: Chris Gilligan
  • Produced by: Marie Poe
  • Written by: Chris Gilligan and Kenny Duggan
  • Storyboard by: Stephen DeStefano
  • Music by: Kevin Walsh
  • Voices: Rafael Ferrer and Thomas Hayden Church
  • Casting by: Donald Case Casting, Inc.
  • Voice Talent Director: Melissa R. Hill
  • Timing Director: Frank Gresham
  • Animation Artists: Jonathon Royce and Bill Presing
  • Background Design: Freya Tanz
  • Background Color: Margaret Frey
  • Recording & Sound Effects: Penny Lane Studios
  • Overseas Animation: Rough Draft Studios
  • Overseas Production Manager: Kim Chul-Ho
  • Overseas Director: Won Dong-Gun
  • Overseas Animation, Layout, & Model Checking: Wong Dong-Gun, Lee Sung-Hee, Lee Yoon-Ju
  • Overseas Digital Computer: Jung Woo-Sung, Na Se-Ho, Jo Hyun-Wook, Kim Hyun-Gyung
  • Special Thanks To: Kenneth Cooke, Josh Lebowitz, Aaron Dain
  • Executive Producer: Russel A. Dube
  • Executive In Charge Of Production For Cartoon Network: Linda Simensky and Amy Handler
  • © 2001 Cartoon Network
  • All Rights Reserved
  • A Pitch Production
  • Cartoon Network Studios

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