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What A Cartoon! 48 February 20, 1995 November 28, 1997

What A Cartoon! Shorts (1995-1997)


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01 The Powerpuff Girls in "Meat Fuzzy Lumkins" Craig McCracken February 20, 1995[1]
The Powerpuff Girls are judges in Townsville's yearly jam contest. Fuzzy Lumkins is upset when his meat jam doesn't win and is looking for revenge. The short laid foundations for the massively successful The Powerpuff Girls to premiere in 1998.
02 Dexter's Laboratory Genndy Tartakovsky February 26, 1995[1][2]
Dee Dee takes Dexter's newest invention and changes him into a bunny. They start changing each other into animals. The earliest Cartoon Network series that came from a What a Cartoon! short, it was immediately developed into Dexter's Laboratory and began airing in 1996.
03 Yuckie Duck: "Short Orders" Patrick A. Ventura March 5, 1995[1][3]
Yuckie Duck is a waiter in a restaurant. He keeps having problems, because the Limburger sandwich he gave to a man smelled bad and a steak he gave to a lady was too hard to cut.
04 Dino in "Stay Out" Joseph Barbera March 19, 1995[1][4]
Fred Flintstone goes bowling with Barney Rubble and tells Dino to keep Baby Puss out of the house. The cat always gets in, however, using disguises such as a baby, a tiger skinned rug and Santa Claus.
05 Johnny Bravo Van Partible March 26, 1995[1][5]
Johnny Bravo decides to catch a gorilla that escaped from the zoo, because he thinks that it will make the zoo owner fall in love him. A series based on the character, also titled Johnny Bravo, premiered in 1997.
06 Sledgehammer O'Possum: "Out and About" Patrick A. Ventura April 2, 1995[1][6]
A troublemaking possum frustrates a dog's plans to enjoy a quiet summer day out.
07 George and Junior: "Look Out Below" Patrick A. Ventura April 9, 1995[1][7]
Based on the classic cartoon characters created by Tex Avery, a bird breaks a light bulb so it doesn't disturb his sleep and sits in the empty socket. George and Junior, the building's janitors/engineers, are sent to fix it.
08 Hard Luck Duck William Hanna April 16, 1995[1][8]
Hard Luck Duck, after venturing away from Crocodile Harley's watch, is a hungry fox's target to be cooked. The cartoon contains many similarities to one of Hanna-Barbera's previous characters, Yakky Doodle.
09 Shake & Flick: "Raw Deal in Rome" Michael Rann
Eugene Mattos
George Johnson
June 18, 1995[9]
Shake the dog is invaded by Flick the flea. They are both accomplished musicians and find themselves in the competition of a lifetime as each one tries to outdo the other.
10 The Adventures of Captain Buzz Cheeply in...
"A Clean Getaway"
Meinert Hansen June 25, 1995[10]
Captain Buzz Cheeply and his robot sidekick, Slide, must escape a planet whose inhabitants have abnormally sized foreheads but small sized brains, while finding a place to do their laundry.
11 O.Ratz with Dave D. Fly in "Rat in a Hot Tin Can" Jerry Reynolds
Russ Harris
July 2, 1995[11]
Friends O. Ratz and Dave D. Fly live together in a trash can. One night it gets so cold that O. Ratz can't take it anymore and tries to sneak into a hotel with disastrous results.
12 Pfish and Chip in: "Short Pfuse" Butch Hartman
Eugene Mattos
Michael Rann
July 9, 1995[12]
The Bomb Squad (Pfish, a wacky shark and Chip, a hot tempered lynx) are told by their chief to stop a mad bomber.
13 The Fat Cats in "Drip Dry Drips" Jon McClenahan July 16, 1995[13]
Louie and Elmo open a dry cleaning business together. Their first customer in the President of the United States and they have until 5:00 to get his suit clean. They run into a few problems and are running out of time.
14 George and Junior's Christmas Spectacular Patrick A. Ventura July 23, 1995[14]
George and Junior are forced to deliver Santa's presents to the kids, after they fail to deliver one of Santa's letters.
15 Yoink! of the Yukon Don Jurwich
Jerry Eisenberg
Jim Ryan
July 30, 1995[15]
The mounted police of the Yukon have their uniforms stolen by a grizzly bear seeking revenge on them for skinning his animal friends. Yoink and Sergeant Thumbsworth Tharplung are sent to retrieve them.
16 Yuckie Duck: "I'm On My Way" Patrick A. Ventura August 6, 1995[16]
Yuckie Duck is a paramedic and he has to perform life-saving feats such as pulling a tack out of a lion's posterior.
17 Mina and the Count: "Interlude with a Vampire" Rob Renzetti November 5, 1995[17]
A girl named Mina is visited by a vampire named Count after she goes to sleep. They go through a series of events as the Count tries to get home before sunrise. Created by Rob Renzetti, Renzetti would later produce more Mina and the Count shorts for Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah! Cartoons in the late 1990s.
18 Cow and Chicken in "No Smoking" David Feiss November 12, 1995[18]
Cow and Chicken are sister and brother. Chicken is taken to Hell by the Devil and it's up to his sister Cow to save him. Nominated for an Emmy Award, the short was picked up to become the series Cow and Chicken beginning in 1997.
19 Boid 'n' Woim C. Miles Thompson January 1, 1996[19][20]
Hitchhiker Woim is going to sunny California. Boid drives him there, but on the way, they crash into a cactus. Boid gets hungry and tries to eat Woim.
20 Jof in "Help?" Bruno Bozzetto January 14, 1996[21]
A cat that pinches his finger while sewing asks for help at the hospital, but its ruthless personnel offer only pain.
21 Podunk 'Possum in "One Step Beyond" Joe Orrantia
Elizabeth Stonecypher
January 21, 1996[22]
A possum named Podunk acquires an abandoned farm with 3 chickens to lay eggs for him, and has to defend them from a fried chicken titan, Major Portions. However, he is unaware of a major alien conspiracy.
22 The Powerpuff Girls in "Crime 101" Craig McCracken January 28, 1996[23]
The Amoeba Boys try to commit a crime and the Powerpuff Girls help them do it right. The second and final short from What a Cartoon! to star The Powerpuff Girls, the series would later premiere in 1998.
23 Wind-Up Wolf William Hanna February 4, 1996[24]
Big Bad Wolf wants to catch the three little pigs again. He decides the only way he can do it is to build a robot wolf to take his place.
24 Hillbilly Blue Michael Ryan February 11, 1996[25]
Crawdad Eustace is fed-up with being treated as food and goes with possum pal Mordechai on a cross-country trip to New Orleans and being "served" in royal fashion.
25 Courage the Cowardly Dog in
The Chicken from Outer Space
John R. Dilworth February 18, 1996[26]
A fearful dog tries to stop an alien chicken's plans to invade Earth on his owners' farm. Nominated for an Oscar, the short was developed into the final series spun-off from What a Cartoon!, Courage the Cowardly Dog, in 1999.
26 Pizza Boy in: "No Tip" Robert Alvarez February 25, 1996[27]
Pizza Boy tries to deliver a pizza to the Arctic Circle in five minutes to get a big tip. He has many problems on the way, like getting thrown out of a plane.
27 Gramps Mike Ryan
Butch Hartman
March 3, 1996[28]
Gramps tells his grandchildren about his battle against invading aliens, and gets corrected by the children repeatedly.
28 Dexter's Laboratory: The Big Sister Genndy Tartakovsky March 10, 1996[29]
When Dee Dee eats an experimental cookie of Dexter's design, she grows extremely tall and goes on a Godzilla-style rampage, leaving it up to Dexter to don his mecha-suit and bring her back.
29 Bloo's Gang in "Bow-Wow Buccaneers" Mike Milo
Harry McLaughlin
March 17, 1996[30]
Bloo and his dog friends sneak out of their owner's houses at midnight to set on a pirate adventure in the city.
30 Jungle Boy in "Mr. Monkeyman" Van Partible October 9, 1996[31]
Jealous King Raymond stains the hero Jungle Boy's reputation by impersonating him and causing mayhem. Jungle Boy would later go on to serve as filler segments in Johnny Bravo (1997).
31 Godfrey & Zeek in "Lost Control" Jason Butler Rote
Zac Moncrief
October 16, 1996[32]
Godfrey the giraffe accidentally flushes his TV remote down the toilet. He and his friend Zeek spend the rest of the episode trying to get it back from the water plant.
32 Tumbleweed Tex in "School Daze" Robert Alvarez October 23, 1996[33]
A Wild West outlaw needs to finish the fourth grade, while dealing with his obnoxious class rival, little Timmy.
33 Buy One, Get One Free Charlie Bean
Carey Yost
Don Shank
October 30, 1996
A man named Reilly gets a cat named Flinch in order to impress a female cat lover named Sofie and threatens the cat that if there is a scratch on anything while he's away, he will send him to the violin factory. It won't be easy when Sophie leaves Flinch a feline playmate named Fix that ends up wrecking everything.
34 The Kitchen Casanova John McIntyre November 6, 1996[34]
Casanova has a date with Doris and he can think of no better way to impress her than to cook her a meal. Unfortunately, things don't go as well as he had planned.
35 The Ignorāmooses Mike Milo
Harry McLaughlin
November 13, 1996[35]
The story of two Southern Gentleman moose, Sherwood, a wiry red moose and Pomeroy, a laid back green moose, who go searching for their owners after they mistake the tracking collars a scientist puts on them for pet collars.
36 Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women Van Partible January 1, 1997[36]
Johnny Bravo is left stranded on an island filled with beautiful tall women, and their bodyguard elephant. The final Johnny Bravo short to air, the half-hour series premiered in the same year.
37 Pfish and Chip in: "Blammo the Clown" Eugene Mattos
Butch Hartman
Michael Rann
January 8, 1997[37]
Blammo the Clown comes back to town and sets up bombs trying to blow up Pfish and Chip.
38 Awfully Lucky Davis Doi January 15, 1997[38]
A geeky guy finds the Paradox Pearl and it gives him good luck. Then he discovers that for everything good it brings, it also brings something bad.
39 Strange Things Mike Wellins January 22, 1997[39]
A robot finds a job as a janitor, but winds up working for an obnoxious chief of security named Mel. He also must remember that if it says "Don't Touch", don't touch. The only computer animated short produced for What a Cartoon!, it is one of television's first exposures to computer animation.
40 Snoot's New Squat Jeret Ochi
Victor Ortado
January 29, 1997[40]
Snoot, the flea-like extra-terrestrial who can imitate pop culture, finds a new home at a pain-suffering dog named Al who drives his doctor crazy.
41 Larry and Steve Seth MacFarlane February 5, 1997[41]
Steve, a homeless dog, is adopted by dimwit Larry (the only man that can understand what he's saying), and lives disaster after disaster when Larry takes him shopping. The style developed into creator Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy.
42 Sledgehammer O'Possum: "What's Goin' On
Back There?!"
Patrick A. Ventura February 12, 1997[42]
Sledgehammer O'Possum takes shelter from the cold in a mailbox, much to the dismay of a mailman named Ethel who will stop at nothing to make him leave.
43 The Zoonatics in "Home Sweet Home" Paul Parducci
James Giordano
R.J. Reiley
February 19, 1997[43]
Three acrobatic animals plot to escape their lousy circus lifestyle, for a better life at the new Hackensack Zoo.
44 Swamp and Tad in "Mission Imfrogable" John Rice
Achiu So
February 26, 1997
Swamp and Tad are frogs from outer space. They are sent to Earth to get a package from Agent Newt. Unfortunately, the package is stolen by a dog.
45 Dino in "The Great Egg-Scape" Joseph Barbera March 5, 1997[44]
Dino is a night watchman at the Bedrock Museum. A last-of-it's-kind egg is stolen while he is sleeping on duty and he must find it if he is to keep his job.
46 Malcolm and Melvin Ralph Bakshi November 26, 1997[45]
Melvin is lonely and is having trouble making friends. It gets so bad that he even attempts suicide. He runs into a trumpet playing roach named Malcom and the two become friends.
47 Tales of Worm Paranoia Eddie Fitzgerald November 27, 1997[46]
A worm named Johnny keeps getting stepped on by a human, which pushes him over the edge. His girlfriend Sally tries to keep him in check. Style reminiscent of John Kricfalusi's The Ren & Stimpy Show. Kricfalusi is listed with a "Special Thanks" credit.
48 Babe!... He Calls Me Ralph Bakshi November 28, 1997[47]
Malcom and Melvin play music in bars to try and pick up women. Melvin's mother thinks that her son was kidnapped by Malcom and hired a private detective to find him.


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