Vishnu Athreya is the head of Programming for Cartoon Network and Boomerang. Athreya is responsible for positioning and programming content for Cartoon Network, Boomerang and branded non-linear program platforms, as well as creative oversight on Boomerang. Athreya reports directly to Rob Sorcher, chief content officer for Cartoon Network based at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank. Athreya joined the Cartoon Network U.S. team after his stint as executive director of programming, acquisitions and development for Turner Broadcasting’s kids channels in AsiaPacific: Cartoon Network, Toonami, POGO, Boomerang and Cartoonito.

Teen Titans Go and its Criticism

Athreya has been considered a big reason for the rise of Teen Titans Go. While the programming of the show has increased CNs overall viewership, he has been criticized by the internet for repeated airings of Teen Titans Go! Despite the show drawing big kids audiences, the older fans of CN have not taken a liking to the new version thus making Athreya a constant target. Since mid-2018, the screenings of Teen Titans Go! was slightly toned down, compared to 2017.

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