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  • I live in Philippines || ?
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Multimedia, Arts and Science Student and a part-time nerd.
  • I am not 'the' person you are going to mess with. Also how many times should I stress out that I am a female?

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Please message me on my message wall if you have any IMPORTANT complaints or anything. I'll answer right away.

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Any insults or any unrelated topic on my (or any of the admins) wall will be immediately deleted and the specific user responsible for this will be banned. Thanks for listening, folks, and happy editing.

General Info: aka Fan, Fanny or Seiru || Sept 26 || Philippines || Female || Confused Bisexual || All-Around Nerd || Multimedia, Arts and Sciences Student
Wikias I'm in: Cartoon Network Wiki (Admin), Slush Invaders Wiki (Admin), Slush Invaders Fanon Wiki (Founder), Just Randomness Wiki (Admin), Switchfoot Wiki, Cartoons and Fiction Wiki (Inactive)

It's no coincidence that the universe chose me to struggle and conquer at the same time.

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I'm an Admin in:
Cartoon and Fiction Wiki (Founder) ϟ Cartoon Network Wiki ϟ Slush Invaders Wiki ϟ Switchfoot Wiki
Angry Birds Wiki ϟ Aliens vs Predators Wiki ϟ Amazing Spiderman Wiki ϟ Avatar Wiki ϟ Ben 10 Wiki ϟ Bomberman Wiki ϟ Castle Series Wiki ϟ Community Central Wiki ϟ Danball Wiki ϟ Dragonball Wiki ϟ Dreamworks Wiki ϟ Hotel Transylvania Wiki ϟ How To Train Your Dragon Wiki ϟ Kids Next Door Wiki ϟ Kirby Wiki ϟ Kim Possible Wiki ϟ Kung Fu Panda Wiki ϟ Monster Hunter Wiki ϟ Patapon Wiki ϟ Powerpuff Girls Wiki ϟ Rise of the Guardians Wiki ϟ Teen Titans Wiki ϟ Teen Titans Fanfiction Wiki ϟ Young Justice Wiki
I'm an Admin in:
Battle Spirits Wiki ϟ Disney Wiki ϟ Guadians of Ga Hoole Wiki ϟ Owl City Wiki ϟ Pixar Wiki
Stick Fighters Wiki
I'm an Admin in:
Slush Invaders Fanon Wiki (Founder)
Steven Universe Wiki
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