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Unnatural History is an American-Canadian television series produced by Warner Horizon Television, a television studio unit for Warner Bros Television, for Cartoon Network.

The series is the second scripted, live-action show on Cartoon Network after the short-lived Out of Jimmy's Head. The first season will consist of thirteen hour-long episodes and premiered on Sunday, June 13, 2010. Beginning on July 13, the series has been rescheduled to Tuesday nights.

It is only the second Cartoon Network show outside of Adult Swim and Toonami to have the U.S. rating of "TV-PG-V", and a parental-guidance warning after every commercial break and at the beginning of the show (the first being Star Wars: The Clone Wars); its rating in Canada for most episodes is "G", or else "PG").




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1 1 "Pilot" Henry learns upon arriving in America that his beloved godfather, Dante Morneau (Colin Fox), has recently died during work, presumably of a heart attack. Henry has suspicions and investigates, soon learning that Dante had located a missing Civil War submarine - the USS Aligator that reportedly contains millions in Army payroll gold. Henry and Jasper must race to find the sub and the treasure before the killers find it. Reluctant to accept his new environment, Henry ultimately learns that his new school and his friendship with Jasper and Maggie offer a lot that he didn't have in his previous life.
2 2 "The Griffin Gang" Jasper works hard managing the installation of a new museum exhibit in hopes to impress a college recruiter from Yale University, but Henry attempts to help only muddle his first impressions. Desperate to help, Henry digs through the DOUM (Division of Obscure and Unknown Miscellany) Rooms and comes up with props for Jasper's exhibit, including an old Pony Express mail bag. They sort through the undelivered letters and find clues to the location of the only shipment of silver that came from the Carson Creek Mines before all miners mysteriously died. Thinking it would be a great discovery for the display, the team sets off in search of the treasure. They are double crossed by an upperclassman named Zane, who claims the discovery for his own exhibit. Shortly afterwards, however, people start getting ill and acting strange. Returning to the letters, Henry discovers that a rare Red Bat Fever is to blame and was released by the artifacts. He then races to find an antidote before it's too late.
3 3 "Sleeper in a Box"
4 4 "Heart of a Warrior"
5 5 "Fountain of Truth"
6 6 "Public School Enemies"
7 7 "The Liberian Canidate"
8 8 "Curse of the Rolling Stone"
9 9 "Now You See Me"
10 10 "Maximum Insecurity"
11 11 "Thor's Slammer"
12 12 "Speetlemania"
13 13 "Past, Presidents, Future"
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