Concept of Optimus Prime

Transformers Transtech was originally planned as the follow-up to Transformers Beast Machines. It would have begun in Summer 2001,but was instead replaced by Robots in disguise while Hasbro geared up for Armada. In 2008,the Transformers Collectors' Club used the Transtech designs as aspiration for the Transtech universe.

Fiction: Story-wise,not much is known about the original concept. It likely have picked up on technorganic Cybertron following the events of Beast Machines. It's likely another Mainframe Entertainment CGI series would have supported the line,though no evidence of this has ever surfaced.

Toys: The characters transforms into Cybertronic vehicles that in many cases had animal-like features. Cheetor was a Cybertronic race-car with a cheetah-like paint job,for instance and Prime was a truck whose front end looked like an ape's face. Designs were done by Draxhall Jump and had somewhat less traditional robot modes (Cheetor had large hoops wheels for shoulders and feet,for instance) and didn't always resemble older versions of the character very closely. Many of these designs were first shown at Botcon 2002 but apparently without Hasbro's permission. Online retailer BigBadToyStore posted a preliminary retailer list of early 2001 Transformers product in December 2000. In addition to revealing several unproduced and delayed Beast Machines toys,the listing indicated the intent of releasing Transtech in the Summer of 2001 launching with 4 deluxes alongside two mega class figures and two ultra class figures.

Characters: The characters are the ones as we know from Transformers Beast Machines with addition of G1 characters and two new characters.

Cheetor,Blackarachnia,Nightstream,Silverbolt,Rattrap,Depth Charge,Optimus prime,Shockwave,Starscream,Megatron,Scavenger and Immorticon.

Cancellation: Reasons unknown but it is believed to be because of negative fan reactions toward Beast Machines.

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