Total Drama World Tour is the third season of the Total Drama franchise that began with Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. The series extension was commissioned by Teletoon from the producers, Fresh TV, Inc. In this series, fifteen returning contestants and three new contestants are taken on a trip around the world, and compete in cultural themed challenges of countries they visit. An added twist in this season is that they are required to break spontaneously into song, or else be immediately eliminated. The original cast from this and past seasons do not compete in the next season, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, as there is a new cast. However, nine of these original contestants each have a cameo in the next season, while seven of them return to compete again in the fifth season, Total Drama All-Stars. This series is rated TV-PG-D in the United States and Australia.


18. Ezekiel

17. Harold

16. Bridgette

15. Leshawna

14. Lindsay

13. Izzy

12. DJ

11. Noah

10. Tyler

9. Gwen

8. Owen

7/6. Courtney

7/6. Blaineley

5. Duncan

4. Sierra

3. Cody

1/2. Alejandro

1/2. Heather


Unlike the previous two seasons, there are three teams in this season: Team Victory, Team Amazon and Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot. Here are the members of each team:

  • Team Amazon: Cody, Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Izzy (switched with Sierra) and Sierra.
  • Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot: Alejandro, Izzy, Noah, Owen, Tyler, and (later on) Duncan.
  • Team Victory: Bridgette, DJ, Ezekiel, Harold, Leshawna, and Lindsay.

Note that at the beginning of this season, Izzy was on Team Amazon and Sierra was on Team Chris but they later switched teams in the second episode so Sierra could be with Cody in the same team while Izzy could be with Owen. In the episode "Niagara Brawls", Blaineley was added to the cast of the show due to accidentally answering the last question right in the previous Aftermath episode. Her debut was in the same episode as the merge of the teams, so she never officially joined a team and was the only competitor of Total Drama World Tour not to be on an official team.

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