TKO: Titanic Kungfubot Offense
Released: 2011
Developed by: Cartoon Network
Platform: Windows
Genre(s): Fighting

Titanic KungFu-Bot Offense is a Cartoon Network robot fighting game that is similar to Project Exonaut. Click here for the game page on the TKO wiki.


In this game, players choose from different Titanic KungFu Bots to fight with, which are all based on Cartoon Network characters. The character roster for the game was primarily focused on recently made and/or recently concluded T.V. shows, and got updates periodically.


Below are the list of characters that appeared as playable fighters in TKO, and what series they first appeared in. There were 28 characters total by the end of the game's run.

Adventure Time

Ben 10 Series


Generator Rex

Johnny Test

Symbiotic Titan

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

The Secret Saturdays

Total Drama Series




  • While the game is no longer available on Cartoon Network's website, it can still be found online through other websites.
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