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Tig n' Seek is an American animated television series created by Myke Chilian (storyboard artist/writer on Uncle Grandpa, designer on Rick and Morty). The series premiered on HBO Max on July 23, 2020. The series, along with The Fungies!, were originally meant to air on Cartoon Network.


The series follows eight-year-old Tiggy and his gadget-building cat, Gweeseek, as they search for the lost items of Wee Gee City. With Tiggy’s cheerful attitude and Gweeseek’s exceptional inventing capabilities, the duo humorously navigate day-to-day dilemmas at the Department of Lost and Found.


Series Overview

Season: episodes: season premiere: season finale:
Pilot 1 2017

January 8th, 2018 (online)

1 20 July 23, 2020


No. Title Plot Airdate
1 The Five Rules of Finding Tiggy and Gweeseek use Cheif's Five Rules of Finding to discover their own method of finding and locating Boss' missing tie. July 23, 2020
2 Cat Burglar While Tiggy and Boss work hard to cover their tracks after they're caught up in a cat burglary, a new churro cart catches Gweeseek's eye. July 23, 2020
3 Cat Toy of the Future Tiggy's attempt to create a new toy for Gweeseek turns the Department of Lost and Found into Cat Central. July 23, 2020
4 Picky Prangle It's Pie Day! And Prangle Penguin is already way behind on his strawberry pie deliveries. Hoping to improve their helpfulness rating, Tig and Seek take on the task of pie-making, even as things quickly take a not-so-sweet turn. July 23, 2020
5 Lost in the Lost and Found When Boss sends Tiggy and Gweeseek into the cellar to fetch a tuba, Tiggy must be brave and overcome his fears of the "Cellar Feller". July 23, 2020
6 Eggy Weggy Tiggy and Gweeseek realize parenting is difficult after they bring home an abandoned egg that's due to hatch any minute. Can they protect Eggy from a scary lizard who's on the loose and wants their precious new baby? July 23, 2020
7 Baby and the Dog On a mission to find an orange tennis ball, Tig and Seek encounter their worst nightmares: a baby AND a dog. Do they have what it takes to go up against this gruesome twosome and walk away with their ball? July 23, 2020
8 The Tig-Tale Heart When the office becomes obsessed with a Baby Bobo toy that Tiggy and Gweeseek found, a jealous Tiggy decides to put an end to its song and dance moves for good. July 23, 2020
9 Who's This Guy? This Guy is more wound up than usual and Tiggy encourages him to take a relaxing day off. Left in charge of the office, Tig and Seek learn it's harder than they thought to keep things orderly. July 23, 2020
10 The Tooth of Manhood After losing a tooth and deciding it's time to grow up and be serious, Tiggy risks ruining the rockin' party he planned for Gweeseek's Gotcha Day. July 23, 2020
11 The Tiggy Trap Tiggy and Boss square off against This Guy and Nuritza, the reigning champs of office charades. When This Guy and Nuritza's fight derails the game, Tiggy sets aside his desire to win to broker peace between the friends. July 23, 2020
12 An Easy Fix After Tiggy questions Nuritza's handy-rabbit skills, the two trade places, and Tiggy discovers that the job of fixing things comes with a lot more challenges than finding things. July 23, 2020
13 Tiny Tiggy Tennis In his quest to find a game he can actually win, Tiggy stumbles upon a table tennis set. While his wish of beating (almost) everyone in the office comes true, the real challenge becomes scheduling a match against Boss. July 23, 2020
14 Champ Boss' nephew Champ visits the office for the day, and Tiggy soon discovers that this so-called "good boy" is really a naughty little kid who will do anything to get his way. July 23, 2020
15 Tig Sawyer It's Nuritza's job to repaint the office walls, but she manages to trick Tig and Seek into painting them for her. When Tiggy figures out her ruse, he searches for someone else to fool so he can enjoy his day off. July 23, 2020
16 Just Kitten Tig can't get Seek to stop distracting him, but after she finds a new prime stop atop This Guy's head, a clingy Tiggy must deal with his feelings of jealousy and abandonment. July 23, 2020
17 The Search Engine On a mission to recover a pair of fuzzy dice from the junkyard, Tig and Seek battle it out with Boss' brand-new robot, Search Engine, to prove they're the better finders. July 23, 2020
18 Seeking Safety After Tiggy learns from This Guy that cats really don't have nine lives, he becomes obsessed with making life in the office extra save for an adventurous Gweeseek July 23, 2020
19 The Department of Lost Gold When Tiggy, Gweeseek and Nuritza discover a mysterious map, the promise of buried treasure and gold threatens to make these friends turn on each other. July 23, 2020
20 Within the Walls When Gweeseek disappears within the office walls to investigate a possible haunting, Tiggy and This Guy become convinced she's been taken by the spirit world and perform a séance to get her back. July 23, 2020



Tig N' Seek - Official First Look Clip SDCC 2019

Tig N' Seek - Official First Look Clip SDCC 2019

Tig N’ Seek Official Trailer HBO Max Family

Tig N’ Seek Official Trailer HBO Max Family

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