• Yes, DC Comics is finally publishing Cartoon Network Illustrated's revival of "The PowerPuff Girls" comics, using the same style as that of the original animated TV series from 1998.  There are changes being given, the following includes:

    • Princess Morbucks' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Morbucks, are now completely visible. When in the original comics inspired by the animated TV series from 1998, their faces weren't shown nor Mrs. Morbucks was ever alive or around, and they also don't speak on the camera.
    • Ms. Sara Bellum's face was still never shown when she is appearing in these comics, but her red hair would look quite different in the style of its distinctive mother-figure; her son, Andy Bellum, is appearing in these comics, but his face wasn't shown either.  Whenever they appear, they can either be seen from behind or with objects blocking their faces from view.  When Ms. Sara Bellum appeared in the original comics alone, she is seen having curly red hair.
    • New characters include: Professor Utonium's son Ken Utonium, Professor Utonium's wife Mrs. Utonium, The Mayor's brother The Principal, Ms. Keane's daughter Jamie Lynn Keane, Ms. Sara Bellum's son Andy Bellum (who, just like his mother, never shows his face), the Utoniums' pet robot dog Peach, most characters and villains from the anime remake, Ken and his gang's black teacher Ms. Avant Garde (and her pet cat Sniffette), and numerous other characters.
    • Ms. Keane is now never seen without wearing her earrings, bracelet, or necklace.  Her earrings color could be red, the same as her bracelet.
    • Townsville Elementary School is now seen whenever and wherever Ken and his gang attends; previously, Professor Utonium, Ms. Keane, and Ms. Sara Bellum attend there as Dr. McCracken's Education Center for Little Kids.
    • The Mayor of Townsville was given a full head of white hair and dotted eyes.  When in the original comics, he is seen wearing his monocle and top hat.

    Most other features would remain the same as in the 1998 TV series. It is definitely going to happen, and that could be along with all of the other Cartoon Network Illustrated revivals of almost several Cartoon Network original shows from the '90s and '00s. "Cartoon Network Illustrated" is finally coming out in January 2016 (as a monthly comic book magazine, which would have 6 issues per month starting around the same time), due to the revival of America's print magazine industry on January 1, 2015.  News will be reported and sources will be given very soon.

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