• Yes, it will! Because of America's movie and television industry having been revived in January 1st, 2015, there are plans for Warner Bros. to revive the DC Animated Universe?......The plan is that it will start with a grand revival of Justice League Unlimited with 3 more seasons, and its own spin-off show could be called "The Justice Kids" (Plans are called for a revival of DC Animated Universe, and the shows will exclusively come to Cartoon Network).

    "The New Adventures of Green Lantern" (which features the same Green Lantern as his appearance in Justice League), "Justice League: The Next Generation" (which is the successor to Justice League Unlimited), and "DCAU Kid Stars Theatre" (which features characters from "The Justice Kids" that are all normal school-children disguising as sidekicks to characters from parodies of action-packed films and TV shows), are also in the works, according to some of the staff of DC Comics today.

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