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The Tex Avery Show is an animated showcase series that prominently features Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Warner Bros. cartoon shorts by famed animator Tex Avery. The showcase premiered on the Cartoon Network in 1996 (not long after the Time Warner-Turner merger allowed for the network's ownership of all but four of Avery's cartoons), and was taken off the air in 2002, while reruns continued to be shown on Cartoon Network until April 2004. The series was then re-broadcast on Cartoon Network's sister network Boomerang. Some shorts, like Blitz Wolf, Big Heel-Watha, Uncle Tom's Cabana, and Half-Pint Pygmy, are skipped from the package entirely due to heavy racial stereotyping.

While most of the cartoons shown on the show wouldn't return to Cartoon Network after the show was removed, Screwy Squirrel cartoon "Screwball Squirrel" returned for a two-time April Fools airing in 2012.


Each 30-minute episode features 3 classic Tex Avery cartoons.

Cartoons Featured

  • The Early Bird Dood It
  • Dumb-Hounded
  • Red Hot Riding Hood
  • Who Killed Who?
  • One Ham's Family
  • What's Buzzin' Buzzard?
  • Screwball Squirrel
  • Batty Baseball
  • Happy-Go-Nutty
  • The Screwy Truant
  • The Shooting of Dan McGoo
  • Jerky Turkey
  • Swing Shift Cinderella
  • Wild and Wolfy
  • Lonesome Lenny
  • The Hick Chick
  • Northwest Hounded Police
  • Henpecked Hoboes
  • Hound Hunters
  • Red Hot Rangers
  • Slap Happy Lion
  • King-Size Canary
  • What Price Fleadom
  • Little 'Tinker
  • Lucky Ducky
  • The Cat That Hated People
  • Bad Luck Blackie
  • Senor Droopy
  • The House of Tomorrow
  • Doggone Tired
  • Wags To Riches
  • Little Rural Riding Hood
  • Out-Foxed
  • The Counterfeit Cat
  • Ventriloquist Cat
  • The Cuckoo Clock
  • Garden Gopher
  • The Chump Champ
  • The Peachy Cobbler
  • Cock-A-Doodle Dog
  • Daredevil Droopy
  • Droopy's Good Deed
  • Symphony In Slang
  • Car of Tomorrow
  • Droopy's Double Trouble
  • Magical Maestro
  • One Cab's Family
  • Rock-A-Bye Bear
  • Little Johnny Jet
  • TV Of Tomorrow
  • The Three Little Pups
  • Drag-A-Long Droopy
  • Billy Boy
  • Homesteader Droopy
  • The Farm of Tomorrow
  • The Flea Circus
  • Dixieland Droopy
  • Field and Scream
  • The First Bad Man
  • Deputy Droopy
  • Cellbound
  • Millionaire Droopy
  • Cat's Meow
  • A Day at the Zoo