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Pilot 1 August 28 2006 may 16 2009 pilots
1 12 April 4, 2011 TBA


# Title Overview Original Airdate
Origin Alfe Horace is convinced that there is radiation outside since they have not gone out for 5 days.

Note: In this episode, Horace is bald. This pilot was produced for the Paper Rad Trash Talking DVD on Load Records.

Only On DVD


A pilot, entitled "Neon Knome" was originally produced, but it was never aired (due to Adult Swim rejecting The Problem Solverz, and not airing the show.) The pilot was rated TV-14, and not Season 1's TV-PG, in the United States.

# Title Overview Original Airdate
Pilot Neon Knome Horace, Alfe and Roba try to destroy a rollerskate. August 28 2006

Season 1 (2011- March 11 2016

# Title Overview Original Airdate
1 Time Twister The trio encounters a time-traveling rollercoaster that ages a class of elementary school students. Alfe later uses it to satisfy his pizza cravings.

Case Identification: #1364: The Rollercoaster That Screws Up Time.

Antagonist: Eternitron

Ask Alfe: None Guest Star: Chris Parnell as the Mayor, Eternitron

April 4, 2011

2 Videogamez Horace becomes addicted to video games while the world is threatened by a rogue AI.

Case Identification: #00101001: The Video Game that Sucks the Problem Solverz in.

Antagonist: AI

Ask Alfe: I Have Trouble Falling Asleep Guest Stars: George Takei as Kaio, Bronson Pinchot as AI

April 11, 2011

3 K-999 and Da Little Explorerz The Problem Solverz team up with a robot dog (named K-999) to stop a Girl Scout-aided alien invasion.

Case Indentification: #643-62: The Problem of The Little Girl Explorers who are Bad.

Antagonist: Da Little Explorerz / Alien Girl Scouts

Ask Alfe: My Hair Gets Tangled Up Guest Stars: Jaleel White as K-999, Jill Talley as Queen Alien Girl Scouts

April 18, 2011

4 Awesome Banditz The gang gets caught up in the world of underground elevator racing.

Case Identification: #76654: The Case of the Elevator Banditz that Alfe thinks are cool.

Antagonist: Elevator Banditz

Ask Alfe: I'm Not Sneaky Enough

April 25, 2011

5 Funny Facez A funny-face artist's work is stolen.

Case Identification: Case #3132: The Case of the Stolen Funny Photographs.

Antagonist: Buddy Huxton

Ask Alfe: What can I do at the beach? Guest Star: Mark Hamill as Buddy Huxton, Paul Scheer as Tony Marv

May 2, 2011

6 Hide and Seek Ninjaz Alfe, Roba and Horace find some Goseeki Hide and Seek Ninjaz in whom kidnap a little girl of the Hido Clan's mom.

Case Identification: Case #3132: The Case of Kid With The Missing Mom.

Antagonist: Ninja Master

Ask Alfe: I'm totally stumped.

May 9, 2011

7 The Mayan Ice Cream Caper The Problem Solverz are called upon to stop an ice-cream factory from being destroyed by its owner.

Case Identification: Case #532: The Mayan Ice Cream Caper

Antagonist: Sweete Creame

Ask Alfe: None

May 16, 2011

8 Badcat Tux Dog gets in over his head with a bad guy in town.

Case Identification:


Ask Alfe:

May 23, 2011

9 Fauxboro Case Identification:


Ask Alfe:

May 30, 2011

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