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1 26 May 3, 2011 Febuary 7, 2012
2 26 October 2, 2012 August 31, 2014

Season 1: (2011-2012) 

Season Premiere: Best Friends  Season Finale: Point, Laser Point

Series No. Season No. Title Directors Writers Airdate
1 1 "Best Friends" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, Chris Headrick Jim Cashman, Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras May 3, 2011 2.462

Daffy decides the duo can make a quick buck by going on the game show Besties, where best friends answer questions about one another. However, Daffy's lack of knowledge of anything about Bugs puts a snag in their friendship. To make it up to Bugs, Daffy goes out of his way to purchase tickets himself for a cruise ship using Bugs' credit card, and showers his friend with attention....sometimes with unorthodox methods. Finally, Bugs concedes that he likes their friendship the way it is.

Merrie Melodies: "Grilled Cheese" by Elmer Fudd.

Notes: This is the first episode to feature all the characters since the 2002 T.V Series.

2 2 "Members Only" Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Pat Devine, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras May 10, 2011 2.228[3]

Bugs meets Lola and the two go out on a date. Whereas Lola is infatuated with Bugs, Bugs finds Lola annoying.

Merrie Melodies: "I'm a Martian" by Marvin the Martian.

Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner short: "Bubble Trouble"

3 3 "Jailbird and Jailbunny" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, Chris Headrick Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras May 17, 2011 2.075[4]

Daffy and Bugs are thrown in prison; Bugs takes to it, but Daffy desperately tries to get out.

Merrie Melodies: "Blow My Stack" by Yosemite Sam.

Notes: First series appearances of Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam and Sylvester.

4 4 "Fish and Visitors" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Steve Little, Rachel Ramras May 24, 2011 2.133[5]

Yosemite Sam comes up with a plan to take his house off the grid by adding solar power panels to reduce his electricity bills, but when the rainy season disrupts his plan, he starts depending on Bugs and Daffy heavily and eventually becomes too much of a burden for them to handle.

Merrie Melodies: "Chickenhawk" by Henery Hawk and Foghorn Leghorn featuring Barnyard Dawg.

Notes: First series appearances of Foghorn Leghorn, Henery Hawk, and Barnyard Dawg.

5 5 "Monster Talent" Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras May 31, 2011 2.330[6]

Daffy tries to prepare Gossamer for a school talent show to help him make friends per his mother, Witch Lezah's request. Meanwhile, Bugs becomes an instant celebrity when he stars in Speedy's frozen pizza commercial.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "A Zipline in the Sand"

Notes: First series appearances of Gossamer, Witch Lezah and Granny.

6 6 "Reunion" Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Pat Devine, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras June 7, 2011 2.448[7]

Bugs helps Daffy try to better himself before his class reunion, but they eventually decide that Daffy should just lie about his life so far in order to impress his former classmates. But Daffy fibs soon become excessive, and Bugs becomes preoccupied with acquainting with all the high school graduates, because he never went to high school.

Merrie Melodies: "Cock of the Walk" by Foghorn Leghorn.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Fee Fi Fo Dumb"

Notes: First series appearances of Pete Puma and Penelope Pussycat.

7 7 "Casa de Calma" Mauricio Pardo Mark Banker, Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Doug Langdale, Rachel Ramras June 14, 2011 2.205[8]

Bugs and Daffy go to a resort where Daffy meets a famous actress. Despite his attempts to impress her, Daffy's mischief ends up causing him misery and abuse at the hands of her abrasive bodyguard. Bugs on the other hand earns the actress's affections with his cool calm and collected attitude.

Merrie Melodies: "Queso Bandito" by Speedy Gonzales.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Sail Fail"

8 8 "Devil Dog" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, Keith Baxter Jim Cashman, Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras June 21, 2011 1.964[9]

Thanks to Pete Puma's bumbling, the vicious Tasmanian Devil escapes from the zoo and Bugs (mistaking the ravenous beast for a dog) decides to adopt him. This causes constant terror for Daffy and Bugs' other neighbors, until Speedy helps Bugs tame the Tasmanian Devil for the upcoming dog show. When Daffy mistakenly tries to save Bugs by reporting the Tasmanian Devil to animal control, he ends up helping the two escape so Bugs can take him home to Tasmania. Despite this, Taz decides to stay with Bugs. By the end, he has abandoned his murderous instincts in favor of his familiar zany behavior.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Unsafe at Any Speed"

Looney Tunes Character Debuts: Sylvester,Tweety and Taz.

9 9 "The Foghorn Leghorn Story" Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras June 28, 2011 2.035[10]

Daffy ends up portraying Foghorn Leghorn in a movie, but fails miserably ending up in a fist fight. Bugs and Yosemite Sam find a vase buried in the backyard and it could be valuable. It does turn up to be worth $1 million, but Yosemite Sam takes credit for finding, which also ends in a fist fight. Both fights combine, ending with Foghorn and Daffy reconciling and discovering a gold plated turtle in the vase. Unfortunately, the movie is a flop, but Foghorn is just happy to have had the opportunity to make one.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Silent But Deadly"

Looney Tunes Character Debuts: Foghorn Leghorn.

10 10 "Eligible Bachelors" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, Keith Baxter Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras July 5, 2011 2.108[11]

The neighborhood’s most annoying bachelorette Lola Bunny ends a bidding war for Bugs when she puts $100,000 on the table. She flies Bugs to Paris to see the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Versailles hoping the City of Lights will lead to amour. Daffy is a much cheaper date and Granny bids on him so she can have some help cleaning her attic. She regales the reluctant duck with tales of her time in Paris during World War II where she and Tweety clashed with the Nazi Colonel Frankenheimer. Daffy is riveted by this discovery.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Winter Blunderland"

11 11 "Peel of Fortune" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, Keith Baxter Hugh Davidson, Pat Devine, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras July 12, 2011 2.244[12]

Daffy tries to invent something new after seeing Bugs invented a carrot peeler. But when Daffy becomes rich, Bugs is forced to move back to his old rabbit hole.

Merrie Melodies: "We Are in Love" by Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Heavy Metal"

12 12 "Double Date" Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras July 19, 2011 1.924[13]

After winning a romantic evening for two (by rigging a contest, of course), Daffy must find the right partner to bring on a dream date at a fancy restaurant. Lola provides him with a script of what every woman wants to hear, and as he reads it, Lola herself becomes smitten. However, Daffy has already decided that he wants to bring Tina, a gum-smacking duck who works at the Copy Place. They have a great time, but Lola’s jealousy pushes her into stalker territory. In the end, Lola starts to get along with Tina, and Bugs complains that Lola is supposed to be his girlfriend. So Lola once again becomes Bugs' girlfriend and Daffy is dating Tina. Porky is shown to be without a date after being previously asked by Daffy. After Daffy drives by in a limo with Bugs, Lola, and Tina, Porky comments that he's got to get a girlfriend.

Merrie Melodies: "Be Polite" by Mac and Tosh featuring Marvin the Martian.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Wile E. Sisyphus" Looney Tunes Character Debuts: Tina Russo.

13 13 "To Bowl or Not to Bowl" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, Keith Baxter Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras July 26, 2011 2.246[14]

Daffy is attempting to win a bowling tournament with Porky, Marvin and Pete against his high school rival Terry Delgado. But when Bugs shows up the others favor him over Daffy, which causes Daffy to reveal that being the leader is the only way he has esteem. But after Porky gets injured by Daffy using him as a bowling ball for his technique, Bugs must take his place. Daffy's team are in the lead but when an injury (faked so Daffy can get the final two pins needed to win) leads to Bugs dropping out. Daffy fails to knock over two pins with a gutter-ball, but because of technical problems, he is given another chance. Still, he manages to get another gutter-ball, resulting in their loss. The next day, Porky is shown still recuperating in a wheelchair as Daffy ends up bowling him down the gutter referring to Porky as his "lucky ball."

Merrie Melodies: "Yellow Bird" featuring Tweety and SylvesterRoad Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Vicious Cycles"

Looney Tunes Character Debuts: Marvin the Martian.

14 14 "Newspaper Thief" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone Jim Cashman, Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras August 23, 2011 2.157[15]

Daffy's morning newspaper seems to be missing, so he concludes there's a thief in the neighborhood—just hours before he and Bugs host a dinner party for their neighbors. When Granny, Witch Lezah, Yosemite Sam and Gossamer arrive, Daffy won't let the matter die and attempts to manipulate one of them into confessing to the theft.

Merrie Melodies: "Tasmanian Meltdown" featuring Tasmanian Devil.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Gone in 60 Parsecs"    Notes: This is one of the four major episodes to feature a promo, the other three being Rebel without a Glove (shared with You've Got Hate MailSunday Night Slice and The DMV

15 15 "Bugs & Daffy Get a Job" Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras August 30, 2011 2.284[16]

Daffy has taken to snoring, so a sleep-deprived Bugs nearly pushes him off a building before both agree to visit a medical center. Daffy is offered a surgery for his deviated septum, but he learns he has a small bump on his beak, and when he elects for plastic surgery, the doctor performs the surgery with surprising results. After visiting Porky at his accountant job, Bugs decides to get a job there, but this proves fatal for Porky's work ethic.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Heartbreak Bridge 

16 16 "That's My Baby" Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras September 6, 2011 2.557[17]

Tina enlists Daffy to babysit her nephew. Meanwhile, Bugs learns why Daffy calls Porky a bummer when Porky falls for every upsell that is offered to him.

Merrie Melodies: "Skunk Funk" by Pepé Le Pew.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Camo-Coyote"

17 17 "Sunday Night Slice" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, Keith Baxter Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras September 13, 2011 2.000[18]

Bugs Bunny recaps the time on how Speedy Gonzalez started Pizzariba. It started on the day a pizza restaurant named Girardi's closed down when Mr. Girardi made his fortune and retired. Bugs Bunny takes action by buying Girardi's and ends up getting help from Daffy, Porky, Marvin the Martian, and Pete Puma. When things start to get difficult for Bugs, he ends up calling in Speedy Gonzales for help. Upon realizing all he wanted to do was find a place to hang out at on Sunday night, he gives the restaurant to Speedy.

Merrie Melodies: "Daffy Duck the Wizard" featuring Daffy Duck.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Go Fly a Coyote" Notes: This episode explains how Speedy Gonzales got Pizzaribba

18 18 "The DMV" Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras September 20, 2011 1.739[19]

After running a stop sign when taking Bugs to the movies, Daffy must take a driving test in order to get a driver's license when his parade float car is impounded. The same thing happens to Lola (who ends up running a red light and not having her driver's licence) and Porky (whose driver's license expired). Even if they passed the written test, their driving instructor is Yosemite Sam. Both Daffy and Lola get their licenses while Porky failed the written portion, but in reality he had perfect test scores, but his scores got mixed up with Daffy and Lola's respectively. Bugs tries to take Porky home, but crosses the double yellow lines, and worse, left his wallet with his license at home. Despite this, Bugs contentedly decides to walk home.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Remote Out of Control"

19 19 "Off Duty Cop" Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, Keith Baxter Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras October 25, 2011 1.663[20]

Daffy goes to see his idol Steve St. James, a character on Off Duty Cop played by Leslie Hunt. After meeting Hunt and realizing his character isn't real, Daffy pretends to be Steve St. James and starts "arresting" innocent people for supposed crimes with Porky acting as Daffy's chauffeur (which the chauffeur character being named Brandon Steel many times on the show). Meanwhile, Bugs has to drink less coffee on Dr. Weisberg's orders, but Yosemite Sam sells him an energy drink called Spargle as an alternative which Bugs gets hooked on. When Bugs forcefully orders Yosemite Sam to take him to the Spargle factory to obtain more, Daffy and Porky pursue Bugs to the Spargle Factory to arrest Bugs for his break-in. Daffy ends up chasing Bugs throughout the factory until Yosemite Sam breaks up the conflict. Just then, the FBI raids the factory and end up arresting everyone that works there. It turns that Spargle had dangerous chemicals in it that makes the energy drink highly addictive. Daffy is also arrested for impersonating a police officer by while Bugs is taken to the hospital When the lead FBI Agent wants Porky's name to put down as a witness, Porky states "Brandon Steel" where the FBI Agent just lists him as "chauffeur." Bugs is later shown having only one cup of coffee (albeit an enormous cup).

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Another Bat Idea" Notes: This episode is out of oreder along with The Foghorn Leghorn Story".

21 21 "French Fries" Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras November 8, 2011 1.688[22]

During a lunch at Pizzarriba, Porky announces he has tickets to the playoff game. But when he eats Daffy's french fries, Daffy vows not to speak to Porky ever again. It was just a simple misunderstanding, but Porky decides to cancel the trip to the game anyway. Meanwhile, Yosemite Sam is practicing a field goal to win $1 million, but with little success. Bugs tries to mend the rift between Daffy and Porky, but his plan backfires, causing Porky to once again cancel the game. Bugs tags along with Sam in another attempt to watch the game. While attempting the field goal, Sam injures his leg, leaving Bugs to take his place. Back at the restaurant, Speedy reveals that the french fries were for the whole table.

Merrie Melodies: "Presidents' Day" by Lola Bunny.

22 22 "Beauty School" Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras November 15, 2011 1.948[23]

While working on Tina's beauty school homework, Daffy learns to cut hair and finds his calling in life even to when he poses as Tina when the real one quits upon getting a promotion at work. Meanwhile, Bugs agrees to attend dance lessons with Porky under the identity of Catherine, but this leads to Lola thinking Bugs isn't being faithful, and Speedy falls in love with his disguise. In the end, Daffy gets his cosmetologist license, Tina gets promoted, Bugs and Lola are still together, Porky meets a new lady, and Speedy is heartbroken.

Merrie Melodies: "Giant Robot Love" by Daffy Duck featuring Porky Pig.

23 23 "The Float" Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras November 22, 2011 1.758[24]

After a car wash accident on his parade float, Daffy cons Porky out of all his savings and splurges mercilessly in order to obtain a yacht to replace the parade float.

Merrie Melodies: "You Like / I Like" by Mac and Tosh? ? Notes: People thought this was a sequel to French Fries.

24 24 "The Shelf" Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras January 24, 2012 1.521[25]

Bugs Bunny seeks to add a place for his Nobel Prize and plans to put up the shelf himself with disastrous results. Because of an incident where Bugs accidentally drills into a water pipe, Daffy Duck ends up bunking with Porky Pig and Lola Bunny tries to find Speedy Gonzales a new hom

Merrie Melodies: "Chintzy" by Daffy Duck featuring Porky Pig.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Goner with he Wind" Notes: This the first episode to be aired in 2012.

25 25 "The Muh-Muh-Muh-Murder" Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Ben Falcone, Rachel Ramras January 31, 2012 1.302[26]
Daffy Duck sees a news report about the Suburban Strangler and the description matches Porky Pig causing Daffy to think that Porky is the Suburban Strangler. Meanwhile, Bugs Bunny tends to Lola Bunny who is staying at his house for six weeks after she breaks her leg during a check-up with Dr. Weisberg.
26 26 "Point, Laser Point" Mauricio Pardo, Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras February 7, 2012 1.521[27]

Bugs thinks that Granny is lonely due to her living with just Sylvester and Tweety. So Bugs and Daffy take her out to entertain her in various ways. Meanwhile, Sylvester becomes obsessed with a Laser Pointer toy which causes him problems when he tries to get the red dot. When this becomes a problem, Sylvester ends up seeking help from Witch Lezah who does hypnotic therapy on him with the red dot being a reflection from his mother's necklace. Merrie Melodies: "Table for One" by Speedy Gonzales.

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote: "Shut Your Trap"

Looney Tunes Character Debuts: Wile E. Coyote.

Notes: John O'Hurley (Walter Bunny) plays Alan in this episode. This was the first episode to feature a conflict on another character: This one being Sylvester. This is the Season 1 Finale.

Season 2: (2012-2014)

Season Premiere: Bobcats on Three  Season Finale: Super Rabbit

Series No. Season No. Title Directors Writers Airdate
27 1 "Bobcats on Three!" Swinton Scott III Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras October 2, 2012 1.655[29]

Gossamer approaches Daffy Duck about him coaching his water polo team called the Bobcats. Meanwhile, Bugs helps Porky with his catering by following the recipes of Porky's grandma which ends up getting Bugs hooked on the food since those recipes contained butter. Merrie Melodies: "Laser Beam" by Marvin the Martian. Notes: This episode was the Season 2 Opener. Pete Puma makes a cameo appearance.

28 2 "You've Got Hate Mail" Seth Kearsley Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras October 9, 2012 1.706[30]
When Daffy accidentally emails a letter to everyone he knows explaining what's wrong with them, he must suffer the consequences. Meanwhile, Lola and her parents want Bugs to be in their family photo...until he chips his front tooth. Notes: Lola's Parents make their first apperance since Season 1. Pete Puma makes a cameo appearance. Dr. Weisburg's first appearance since Season 1.
29 3 "Itsy Bitsy Gopher" Seth Kearsley Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras October 16, 2012 1.328[31]

When Tosh goes missing, Daffy and Lola team up to find him. Meanwhile, Bugs tries to catch a large African sand spider that got into his house. Merrie Melodies: "Moostache" by Yosemite Sam.

30 4 "Rebel Without a Glove" Seth Kearsley Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras October 23, 2012 1.570[32]

Bugs loses his gloves and with them goes his identity, so he goes in search of a replacement only to discover they just don't sell white gloves for men anymore, so he buys a pair of bike gloves and begins to take on the identity of a biker. Looney Tunes Character Debuts: Road Runner. Notes: Porky attends the same school used in "Reunion"

31 5 "Semper Lie" Swinton Scott III, Jeff Siergey Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras October 30, 2012 1.492
Its Peach Festival Time and Porky wants Bugs to join him, but Bugs dosen't want to go. So Daffy suggests that he lies, but it turns into a chain reaction making Daffy join the U.S. Marines. Notes: Cross Dresing is used.
32 6 "Father Figures" Swinton Scott III Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras November 6, 2012 1.624

Walter Bunny enters himself and Bugs Bunny in a country club's father and son tennis tournament as he considers Bugs to be like a son to him. Walter puts Bugs through the training for the tournament as part of a bonding experience. Meanwhile, Daffy joins Porky in the Father Figure Program. While Porky is the father figure of Henery Hawk (who wants to have chicken), Daffy gets a father figure in Foghorn Leghorn, despite objection from Foghorn's assistant Carol as he was one who ruined Foghorn's movie and destroyed EnormoCorp. Looney Tunes Character Debuts: Henery Hawk and Barnyard Dawg.

33 7 "Customer Service" Seth Kearsley Story by: Steve MalloryTeleplay by: Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras November 13, 2012 N/A

A dispute over cable company called Trans-Visitron leads Bugs to seek revenge at Trans-Visitron's customer service representative Cecil Turtle. Meanwhile, Daffy tries to get a job as a customer service representative supervisor at Trans-Visitron. At the same time, Tina approaches Lola about how to be positive and upbeat after she is suspended from her job for getting angry at a customer. Looney Tunes Character Debuts: Cecil Turtle, Giovanni Jones. Notes: Cecil Turtle hasen't been in a cartoon since the 40's, the same with Giovanni Jones. Lola appears in every episode up to this point since You've Got Hate Mail. Although she made a cameo apperance in Bobcats on Three at Bugs' Party where she is seen talking to Tina.

34 8 "The Stud, the Nerd, the Average Joe, and the Saint" Seth Kearsley Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras November 20, 2012 N/A
Porky enters a marathon for fun, but Daffy feels intimidated and enters also to prove that in their circle of friends that he's The Stud and Porky's The Nerd. Meanwhile, after Bugs saves Sam from a house fire, he tries to repay him by saving his life. Notes: Lola appears in every episode from You've Got Hate Mail up to Customer Service except for this one, but appears in Its a Handbag and A Christams Carol.
35 9 "It's a Handbag" Swinton Scott lll Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf Rachel Ramras November 27, 2012 N/A
When Daffy says his handbag is stolen, he puts his life in the hands of Porky to be his bodyguard. Meanwhile, Lola tries to get Bugs the perfect gift for their anniversery. Notes: When Daffy is looking at pictures of past criminals, notice that some of them were in the old Looney Tunes shorts including Rocky and Mugzy. Lola makes her first appearance since Customer Service. The "crime scene" took place in the same mall used in many Season 1 episodes such as Peel of Fortune and Off Duty Cop.
36 10 "A Christmas Carol" Seth Kearsley, Spike Brandt, Tony Cervone Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf Rachel Ramras December 4, 2012 N/A

In the first Christmas Special: Lola renews the town's spirit with a production of A Christmas Carol. And Foghorn and Daffy try to blow Christmas Weather down from the North Pole.  Notes: Alot of characters make cameo appearances including Pete Puma, Sylvester, Penelope Pussycat and Granny. This episode features the most characters out of all the episodes. This is the first Merrie Melodies to appear as part of the episode. Cecil Turtle makes his second appearance. Although they sing Christmas Rules in this episode, its not considered a Merrie Melody. Tina sings for the first time in the series, as well as Witch Lezah. 

We're in Big Truffle - Lola and Bugs babysit for Gossamar, and Daffy and Porky search for a truffle in the woods. Notes: This is the first episode to air in 2013. 
Dear John - A mixup causes Bugs and Lola to break up, when they go their own ways, Lola joins a Monastery, and Bugs sails around the world. Merrie Melodies: We're Drifting Away  

Daffy Duck, Esquire - Tina's Father comes to visit, an intimidated Daffy acts as a lawer to impess him, and Bugs poses as a slacker roomate. Notes: Tina appears for the first time in 2013, as well as her father.

Spread those Wings and Fly - Daffy becomes a flight attendent after being inspired at a self-help seminar. Meanwhile, Yosemite Sam and Bugs fight over who is stealing each others stuff. Notes: A lot of characters make cameos including: Pete Puma, Tina Russo, and Mac and Tosh.
The Black Widow - Daffy and Porky head for Acupolco for their Spring Break, but end up in a deserted mexican town, meanwhile, Lola uses the pen-name: The Black Widow to steal things. Notes: This episode is in a way, a sequel to Dear John
Mrs. Porkybunny's - With Porky's cooking skills and Bugs' clever mind, the two merge and start a business together eventually starting a flare between them. Merrie Melodies: Stick to My Guns
Gribbler's Quest - Daffy gets obsessed with online shopping so Yosemite suggests that he'd go to his therapy group which actually helps him, and Bugs tries to beat a video game. Merrie Melodies: I Love to Singa and Parade Float. Notes: This episode is the first to feature two Merrie Melodies shorts and  the first is an updated version to the 1939 original short: I Love to Singa in which Owl Jolson lives with a family of owls and sneaks off to a radio singing contest.
The Grad Old Duck of York - Daffy choaks on pizza, now knowing how precious life is, he takes piano lessons prompting Bugs to get ear plugs, put they don't just come in handy for just Daffy's paying, and Speedy tries to keep up with a rival restaurant. Merrie Melodies: Daffy's Legacy
Rediculous Journey - Taz, Tweety and Sylvester are sent to Alaska by accident and team up to try to get home, but encounter Jacque Shellacque on their journey, as well as the Abominablesnowman and more characters on their adventure home. Notes: This is the first episode to be completly focused on minor characters, many old characters make apperances.
The Shell Game - Bugs sells Daffy's recliner to a thrift store, and Cecil Turtle's shell breaks in an accident.......more than twice. Merrie Melodies: Wonderful Bugs. Notes: This is a sequel to Customer Service and Cecil Turtle's second appearance in the series. Merrie Melodies: Wonderful Bugs
Year of the Duck - Daffy is highly insulted when he discovers that ducks are not included in the Chinese zodiac and learns from Foghorn Leghorn that ducks are #64 on the Animal Popularity index. In an attempt to make ducks more popular, he talks Tina into entering a local beauty pageant. Meanwhile, Porky thinks it's the Chinese Year of the Pig and is convinced he should host the pageant to capitalize on it being "his time", but Bugs finds out that Porky was wrong and that it's really the year of the Rabbit.
Gossamer is Awesomer - Daffy becomes campaign manager for Gossamer's run for Class President, taking things too far. Meanwhile, Porky moves in with Bugs and Daffy after his catering business goes broke and spends his days reorganizing everything in Bugs and Daffy's house much to Bugs' dismay.
Here Comes the Pig - Daffy accompanies Porky to the wedding of Brian Patrick Kennedy IV and Becky A. Hogg so they can stop it thinking Becky is Porky's true love. Bugs finds that without Daffy around, life is boring.
Mr. Wiener - Daffy enters a hot dog-eating contest while Bugs helps Yosemite Sam perform a stunt jumping a bus over a row of motorcycles. Daffy practices for the contest while Porky follows Daffy's rules on how to stay cool with Petunia (who Porky met in the previous episode). Bugs attempts to soothe his rapidly beating heart when his doctor fears that he'll have a heart attack.
Best Friends Redux - Daffy is jealous when Bugs meets up with an old friend named Rodney Rabbit and starts to feel left out. To make sure that he is still Bugs' friend, Daffy uses the time vortex at Witch Lezah's house to go back in time and ensure Bugs and Rodney never meet each other. When history is changed so that nobody knows Daffy, Witch Lezah (who was unaffected by the time change) sends Daffy back in time to correct it since Rodney is the reason that Bugs first met Daffy. Meanwhile, Porky Pig wonders about his ranking in Daffy Duck's list of best friends. Merrie Melodies: Long-Eared Drifter
Super Rabbit - While Daffy tries to steal Bugs' stuff to pay for a present for Tina, Bugs tells him the story about Super Rabbit (Bugs' version of Superman) and his battle with Brainiac (Marvin the Martian), Lex Luthor (Elmer Fudd) and Kryptonian criminals General Zod (Daffy Duck), Faora, and Thunkian (a robot with the intellect and personality of a lost sock). Following the fight, Bugs learns that power corrupts unless it's balanced with humility. In the final scene, Bat Rabbit (Bugs' version of Batman) rescues Daffy and Tina from a mugger.
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