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The Hanna-Barbera New Cartoon Series, also known as The New Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Series or The Wally Gator Show, was a syndicated television package of animated cartoon series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions, starting in 1962. The series included three unrelated short cartoon segments featuring funny animal characters: Wally Gator, Touché Turtle and Dum Dum and Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har.

Fifty-two episodes were produced for each of the three segments. The series was distributed to television stations as separate individual cartoon segments, each with its own opening theme and closing title. The title The New Hanna-Barbera Cartoon series was an off-screen promotional title to distinguish this series from other packages of Hanna-Barbera cartoons (such as Ruff and Reddy, The Huckleberry Hound Show and The Yogi Bear Show) available at the time. For example, WGN-Channel 9 in Chicago ran the three segments in a half-hour timeslot under the name Wally Gator. In New York, WPIX-TV originally used the segments for a local series, Cartoon Zoo, featuring Milt Moss as host and "Zookeeper", with life-sized cutouts of the characters in "cages" as a backdrop.

The series was originally syndicated by Screen Gems, the TV division of Columbia Pictures. The Hanna-Barbera studio was later purchased by Taft Broadcasting Company, which distributed the studio's product first through Taft-HB Program Sales, and later through Worldvision Enterprises. Over time, the studio regained control of many of its earlier productions and distributed them through Worldvision. The elements of The New Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Series were split up, with Wally Gator airing as a segment on Magilla Gorilla and Friends on USA Network's "Cartoon Express" from 1987 through 1991. Meanwhile, Touche Turtle and Lippy the Lion were part of another package of cartoons aired on the Family Channel. Following the purchase of the Hanna-Barbera library by Turner Entertainment, these shorts eventually appeared on Cartoon Network (1992-2000) and later Boomerang.


Wally Gator

Wally Gator (voiced by Daws Butler impersonating Ed Wynn) is an anthropomorphic Cajun alligator. He is most comfortable when he is at home in the city zoo, but sometimes wanders out into the real world. Mr. Twiddle (voiced by Don Messick) is the zookeeper who keeps a close watch on Wally because sometimes he escapes to check out what things are like outside the zoo.

Touché Turtle and Dum Dum

Touche Turtle Title Card.png

Touché Turtle (voiced by Bill Thompson) is a swashbuckling hero who doesn't appear very formidable. Brandishing his trusty sword, he travels the land with his simpleminded assistant, Dum Dum the dog (voiced by Alan Reed), protecting innocent folks from dragons, evil knights, and the occasional robot. When he comes across someone in need of rescue, the daring turtle raises his battle cry, "Touché away!" and races into action.

Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har

Lippy Lion Title Card.png

Lippy the Lion (voiced by Daws Butler) and Hardy Har Har the Hyena (voiced by Mel Blanc) first appeared in The Hanna-Barbera New Cartoon Series in 1962, along with Wally Gator and Touché Turtle and Dum Dum. Mel Blanc used the same voice, personality and expressions for Hardy Har-Har that he used playing the postman on the Burns and Allen radio show. Hardy's name is ironic, as it suggests laughter and Hardy is an eternal pessimist.

Their cartoons revolved around ever-hopeful Lippy's attempts to get rich quick, with reluctant Hardy serving as a foil. Whatever the consequences were to Lippy's schemes, Hardy would end up getting the worst of it — a fact he always seemed to realize ahead of time, with his moans of, "Oh me, oh my, oh dear." Although the intro shows them in a jungle setting proper for such beasts, most of the cartoons' stories took place in an urban setting.


  • Mel Blanc - Hardy Har Har
  • Daws Butler - Wally Gator, Lippy the Lion
  • Don Messick - Mr. Twiddle
  • Alan Reed - Dum Dum
  • Bill Thompson - Touché Turtle


Episode 1

  • Droopy Dragon
  • Whale Of A Tale
  • See Saw

Episode 2

  • Gator-Napper
  • Zero Hero
  • Watermelon Felon

Episode 3

  • Swamp Fever
  • Dilly Of A Lilly
  • Scare to Spare

Episode 4

  • White Tie and Frails
  • Missing Missile
  • Gulp and Saucer

Episode 5

  • Escape Artist
  • Lake Serpent
  • Map Happy

Episode 6

  • California or Bust
  • You Bug Me
  • Smile the Wild

Episode 7

  • Frame and Fortune
  • Roll A Ghoster
  • Charge of the Fright Brigade

Episode 8

  • Tantilizin' Turnips
  • Giant Double Header
  • Film Flam

Episode 9

  • Over the Fence is Out
  • Loser Takes All
  • Gun Fighter Lippy

Episode 10

  • Bear With Me
  • Takes Two To Tangle
  • Hick Hikers

Episode 11

  • Outside Looking In
  • Mr Robots
  • A Thousand and One Frights

Episode 12

  • Bachelor Buttons
  • Touché At Bat
  • Double Trouble

Episode 13

  • Which is Which Witch?
  • Billy The Cad
  • Laugh a Loaf

Episode 14

  • Pen-Striped Suit
  • Dog Daze
  • Genie is a Meany

Episode 15

  • Ship Shape Escape
  • Ant And Rave
  • Banks for Everything

Episode 16

  • Semi Seminole
  • Black Is The Knight
  • Fiddle Faddled

Episode 17

  • Little Red Riding Gator
  • Dragon Along
  • Kidnap Trap

Episode 18

  • Ice Cube Boob
  • Satellite Fright
  • Witch Crafty

Episode 19

  • The Forest's Prime Evil
  • Sheepy Time Pal
  • Gas Again

Episode 20

  • Snooper Snowzer
  • Hex Marks The Spot
  • Horse and Waggin

Episode 21

  • Unconscious Conscience
  • Catch As Cat Can
  • Baby Bottled

Episode 22

  • Gator-Baiter
  • Sea For Two
  • Hard Luck Hardy

Episode 23

  • False Alarm
  • High Goon
  • Show Use

Episode 24

  • Phantom Alligator
  • Grandma Outlaw
  • Injun Trouble

Episode 25

  • Puddle Hopper
  • Duel Control
  • Mouse in the House

Episode 26

  • Baby Chase
  • Rapid Rabbit
  • Crazy Cat Capers

Episode 27

  • Gosh Zilla
  • Thumb Hero
  • Phoney Pony

Episode 28

  • Camera Shy Guy
  • Kat Napped
  • Egg Experts

Episode 29

  • Rebel Rabble
  • Romeo, Touché, and Juliet
  • Rabbit Romeo

Episode 30

  • No More Mower
  • The Big Bite
  • Bird in the Hand

Episode 31

  • Knight Nut
  • Flying Saucer Sorcerer
  • Legion Heirs

Episode 32

  • Ape Scrape
  • Aladdin's Lampoon
  • Hoots and Saddles

Episode 33

  • Gator-Imitator
  • Haunting License
  • Monster Mix-Up

Episode 34

  • Safe at Home
  • The Phoney Phantom
  • Bye Bye Fly Guy

Episode 35

  • Balloon Buffoon
  • Touché's Last Stand
  • Wooden Nickels

Episode 36

  • Rassle Dazzle
  • Chief Beef
  • Two for the Road

Episode 37

  • Sea Sick Pals
  • Like Wild,Man
  • Kings X

Episode 38

  • Accidentally on Purpose
  • Dum De Dum Dum
  • Amusement Park Lark

Episode 39

  • Whistle Stopper
  • Et Tu Touché?
  • T for Two

Episode 40

  • Birthday Grievings
  • Dragon Feat
  • Tiny Troubles

Episode 41

  • Medicine Avenue
  • Red Riding Hoodlum
  • Flood for a Thought

Episode 42

  • Marshall Wally
  • Dough Nuts
  • Hocus Pocus

Episode 43

  • One Round Trip
  • Save The Last Trance For Me
  • Sham-Rocked

Episode 44

  • Gopher Broke
  • Waterloo For Two
  • Ole Fuddy Duds

Episode 45

  • Gladiator Gator
  • Robin Hoodlum
  • Chow You Feelings

Episode 46

  • Bubble Trouble
  • The Shoe Must Go On
  • Easy Does It

Episode 47

  • Ice Charades
  • Quack Hero
  • Drop Me a Lion

Episode 48

  • Creature Feature
  • Aliblabber And The Forty Thieves
  • Map Sap

Episode 49

  • Squatter's Rights
  • Out Of This Whirl
  • Shark Shock

Episode 50

  • The Big Drip
  • Hero On The Half Shell
  • No Spooking Allowed

Episode 51

  • Gourmet Gator
  • Tenderfoot Turtle
  • Me-My-Mine

Episode 52

  • Carpet Bragger
  • Peace And Riot
  • Together Mess

Home release

Several segments from The Hanna-Barbera New Cartoon Series were put on DVD with Saturday Morning Cartoons: Vol. 2. Strangely, the Lippy the Lion cartoon was of noticeably better quality than the other two on the DVD.

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