The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy is an American animated television series that originally aired as a segment series on August 10, 2003 along with Evil Con Carne in the Grim & Evil block. the show officially aired as a series on June 13, 2003 and ended on November 11, 2007 with the finale The Grim Adventures of the KND.

A film titled Underfist aired on October 12, 2008 and was originally intended to be the pilot of a planned spin-off to The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, but due to Atoms contract expiring it was never made into a series.


The series is about a dimwitted boy named Billy and his cynical, merciless friend, Mandy befriend a Grim Reaper after he lost in a limbo contest.

Series Overview

Season Episodes series premiere Series


1 23 August 24th, 2001 (Grim and Evil)

June 13th, 2003 (original series)


31st, 2003

2 8 June 11th, 2004 July 30th, 2004
3 13 October 1st, 2004 June 10th, 2005
4 14 June 17th, 2005 December

2nd, 2005

5 13 January 6th, 2006 August

9th, 2006

6 11 October 6th, 2006 November

9th, 2007


  • Billy - A dimwitted but yet happy go lucky boy.
  • Mandy - A very grumpy girl who is also Billy's neighbor.
  • Grim - Also known as The Grim Reaper, who unfortunately became Billy and Mandy's best friend after losing at a limbo contest.
  • Irwin - Billy's closest friend, which also has a crush on Mandy.
  • Gladys - Billy's mom.
  • Harold - Billy's dad.
  • Jeff the Spider - A giant spider who thinks Billy is his dad.
  • Hoss Delgado - A 33 year old exterminator.

Snafu Webcomics

An artist named Bleedman, real name Vinson Ngo, has created, alongside a Powerpuff Girls webcomic, an ongoing comic known as Grim Tales From Down Below.

It was to be based off of the Grim Adventures, but quickly spiralled into a rough mix of fandoms with no clear goal as to what the story is truly about.

The series stars Billy, Mandy and Grim, but two characters that are not truly of Bleedman's own creation, but another's. These two characters are named Mini-Mandy and Grim Jr., and are the children of Mandy and Grim.

This webcomic has received many, many negative reviews.

"As Grim Tales dragged on, from one accursed page to the next, I found myself far less forgiving this time around. Seriously…Spawn? Nightmare Before Christmas? Wherever this is from? Danny Phantom? Him from the Powerpuff Girls? Joe Black? Seriously, Joe Black? Does anyone even remember that movie?" [Grim Tales References 1]

Despite outrageous controversy, such as Bleedman's comic panel on Mandy causing 9/11[Grim Tales References 2], or the panel on her committing suicide[Grim Tales References 3], many people continue to love and appreciate this comic.

It is currently unknown if the comic will remain updated, or abandoned, as Bleedman has not set clear goals as to what he wants for Grim Tales From Down Below.

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