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Supernoobs is an American-Canadian flash animated series produced by DHX Media and Teletoon (and later DHX Media's own Family Channel), currently the latest shows on Cartoon Network. It was created by Scott Fellows. It was aired first in the UK/Ireland on November 2, 2015, and in the US on December 7, 2015.


12-year-old nerdy best friends Kevin, Tyler, Shope and Roach need to contend with the harrowing halls of their middle school, and at same time, fight microcosmic assassins infecting earthlings bent on destroying them and the entire world.


  • Tyler Bowman - The wielder of the blue battle ball, giving him powers to teleport and enhances his natural senses such as mind-reading. When the battle ball is activated, his blonde hair color will be blue. In general, he's the group leader and oftenless moral compass, but also distracted by his feelings for Amy Anderson
  • Jennifer Shope - Only female member and the most scientifically minded of the group, who also considers herself to be the smartest but she sometimes relies on her friends to do some of her work so she could get her " Easy A". Jennifer wields the purple battle ball, allowing her to harness natural forces like water and electricity. When activated, her black hair will be purple.
  • Kevin Reynolds - Cool wielder of the red battle ball, that enables him to shapeshift to various forms, with a running gag being that he often turns into an opossum or something other than what he intended to turn into. His battle ball changes his hair color to red. Personally, He is the most selfish and irresponsible member of the team, often employing his Battle Ball for his own amusement and personal gain or making suggestions that get the group into trouble.
  • Theodore"The Roach" Roachmont- Shortest member of the Supernoobs with unruly red hair in which various objects can be found in. Roach wields the green battle ball, which grants him the power of flight and super strength through enlarging his fists. It transforms his red hair to green. Roach is shown to be the most innocent and least selfish member of the noobs although he can be the most clueless and gullible member as well. Though not usually the team's strategist, he does occasionally stumble onto brilliant ideas, such as discovering that the Battle Balls could combine to create a vehicle. He also tends to develop crushes on mature female characters, such as XR4Ti, the Noobs' theater teacher, and an alien princess.