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June 1997


March 1, 1998


Frank Welker
Phil Hartman



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Betty Cohen

The Starburst era was the second era of Cartoon Network. It began in June 1997 and ended on March 1, 1998, running concurrent with Checkerboard. It was succeeded by the Powerhouse era. The era featured the Cartoon Network logo plastered over a colorful starburst on a white background. These promos also often featured an electric guitar riff that ended with a 12-note stinger accompanying the aforementioned starburst logo closing. The Starburst era promoted the Cartoon Cartoons brand with its three new shows and the second season of Dexter's Lab in July from the same year.

Other cartoons continued to use Checkerboard promos. Bumpers for the Cartoon Cartoons included a four square grid for the background. Some Cartoon Cartoon promos involved several layers of curtains.

Others used new music with Cartoon Cartoon characters appearing inside their own squares of the Cartoon Network logo. The letters often changed to form "Cartoon" on both rows, replacing "Network". The "Cartoon Cartoon" words subsequently broke out of the checkerboard on a textured green background with the starburst. Visible sound waves matched the beats of the music. When the Powerhouse era debuted, a blue version was added with a different text that matched with the network's era.


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