Spaced Out is an animated series that aired in 2002. it was co-produced by serveral Companies and television stations as seen on Cartoon Network. The show was only ever aired on the European version of Cartoon Network - it was never shown on the American channel.


The series revolves around a family (called the Martins) living in a regular neighbourhood. George Martin applies for a job in the apparently monopolistic company Krach Industries. Although they do not intend to hire him, his application is accidentally blown by the wind to the heap of selected candidates. This leads to George being selected to go with his family to a space station, where they have to live as part of an experiment started by Krach. When the Martins arrive at the station, they meet other people who have also been sent by Krach to live there. To their surprise, the teacher who taught the Martins' kids on Earth is also on the station with her son. Later, they save a Russian cosmonaut who decides to live with them. And so, they continue living on the space station, occasionally having personal disputes, meeting aliens and being monopolized by Krach.

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