A sign-on is the beginning of operations for a radio or television station, generally at the start of each day. Cartoon Network signs on at 6am every morning.There have been different sign-ons used for Cartoon Network.


In Noods, a Nood is looking at the black screen, then paints up a white screen. The Noods bring out blocks. The blocks light on. The Noods take the Cartoon Network logo and cheer.


In the CHECK it era, these sign-ons are used:

3.0: Uncle Grandpa's head starts to float up and then he says "Good morning!".

4.0: The CHECK it 4.0 sign on starts with a sleeping Clarence emoji then he's giving a smile. The background changes to different gradients as different emojis appear. The emojis change to Gumball, Steven, Mordecai, Finn, Robin, and Uncle Grandpa before the white and black sqare emojis pop up and zoom in and out before turning into the Cartoon Network logo.


In Dimensional, a transition brings up the message "Good Morning". It changes to "Favorite Place" and "Favorite Shows" before the Cartoon Network logo appears. The announcer says this:

"Good morning. Welcome to your favorite place, for your favorite shows. Cartoon Network.".


In Mashup, a message brings up and it says "Good Morning" and all the Cartoon Network characters are in gravity mode before the Cartoon Network logo appears. The announcer says this:

"Good morning! All your favorites are right here. Now let's have an awesome day, here on Cartoon Network.".

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