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Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is a Cartoon Network American animated television series created by Peter Browngardt (storyboard artist on Chowder) and produced at Cartoon Network Studios. The show was developed from the idea of a portal unleashing monsters on the world, which was used in the Cartoonstitute short "Uncle Grandpa". At the 2011 Cartoon Network Upfront, it was announced that the series would premiere on July 18, 2011. However, the series was pushed back and premired on August 1, 2011, as a special sneak peak, before the actual series premiere on September 26, 2011. After the 18th episode premiered on February 17, 2012, Cartoon Network cancelled the series and removed it from its schedule, leaving 8 episodes unaired until they were released on iTunes.


When a portal to the world opens and unleashes underground monsters, the creatures struggle to find equality in the human world. An all new species called disgustoids lives under ground because humans dont let them above it. This show follows five who live in an invincible huge mountain and do unnaimy stuff down there. Few episodes have to do with them trying to get along with the humans upstairs.but many have to do with them underground. many episodes have them leave their underground base without going above land. like in the episode 7002 where the quintz all traveled throughout the rifts and boughs of time paradox incorperation inside of their own tv screen shots. and in tele-porta-potty when they traveled to a demention where pizza growns on trees.


Festro - The main monster and leader of the group he is purple with two large razor sharp fangs on his bottom jaw and wears underwear and a pairs of sneakers. He also has two little teeth on his upper jaw. He also has strings of hair that points straight up and resembles a walrus. He is the most fun loving of the group and sometimes his fun gets them all in real danger. But Disgustoids are a very strange animal species in this series and every group of Disgustiods must have a leader. Sometimes they dont like their leader Like in the episode "President The Fart" Everyone grew sick and dreary of his exploits and decided they wanted to get a new leader. They all went through a stupid meaningless yet slightly entertaining presidental campaign reference and everyone voted for themselves so nobody one but technically Festro had poor spelling manners and spelled his name the same way Farts spelled his on the ballot. So he necessarilly voted for The Fart. But people began to realize what a softy he was so they did a mario kart reference as Festo versused Fart to win back his title. So even though it may not seen like it all the time Festro is the best leader they all got.

Fart - He is a guy made entirely out of butts and the biggest one is on his head which spreads its cheeks apart and together and makes small farting sounds as he talks. He has a butt on every part of his body except for the place where any normal persons butt should be. on his rear end. Much like The Devil, Fart goes by many names, he goes by The Fart, The Farts, Fart and Farts. He is the most responsable of the quintz. He always likes for things to be going easy and nice. In some of their episodes Fart usually dosent like whatever monkey shines the rest of them are up to and goes right against it telling them what severe consiquences they may face. But somehow he always gets dragged into them and plays along only to suffer exactally what he was afraid of. Luckily they always find a way out of there and fix everything.

Gweelock - Is a walking booger with zits. Some people would rather call those zits spots. Gweelock is the most logical disgustiod he is very well into computers and technology. He has oversized eyebrows that dont fit on his head and has no body or feet he's just a booger with human like arms that come out of the sides that he uses to move their very hairy and have long black pointy nails and he wears two machinery bracelets on them both. He has hair and zits all over him and he has black beady little eyes and pink lips with long yellow teeth. He and Farts both are the only two Disgustiods who are smart but unlike The Farts, Gweelock is usually not as mature and always dilly dallies off sometimes and be's stupid. Yet though sometimes he tries to warn the other dumber people about the dangers coming across ther random acts of stupidity. But usually no one listens.

Slog - This guy is the messiest and laziest of the disgustiods he is a black furry monkey like substance that is kind of like those things in the evolution chart where it shows humans evolving from apes. he is kind of like that. his entire body is smothered in black fur and puff that reeks and is exquizitley dirty. But his hands feet mouth eyes and nose arent. He has flies that hover around his head and every time he shows up on screen you hear them buzzing. He wears an Orange shirt with stains and smudges on it and it is very crappy. He dosent want to take a bath because he likes his odors and sludge.

Dingle - The dog of the group he is blue and has black hairs for ears sort of like Festros but a little different. His long pink tounge sticks out of his sharp fangy mouth and drools. He has the body base of a dog excepth for his man boobs belly flab and mishapen legs. He dosent exactally have the ability to talk when he talks he makes rasping jibberish sounds. He goes like Blablooblahblooblahbluhbloohbliggablaggahbloggablaggah. But the Disgustiods can speak his language and understand what he says. Kind of like Co-Co in Foster Home for Imaginary Friends or Shnitzel in Chowder or Grubber from the Power puff Girls of Boskov from Evil Con Carne or Cod Commando from evil con carne.

Uncle Grandpa - Uncle Grandpa is actually human in this show but still he gets along perfectly with the disgustioids. He is everyone in the worlds uncle and grandpa he has a red fanny pack that talks and drives in a white trailer with lots of stuff in it he has the ability to remove his head and put it on another body exactally like his and yet he has lots of heads and bodies in in his closet. and usually stops by to visit secret mountain fort awesome. He used to be the main character in a show called Uncle Grandpa that was created by the same person who made secret mountain fort awesome. Every day he would go by a kids house (usually a pre-teen or middle schooler , 13 year old things along those lines) and at first they would start off not liking him but soon after going through an insane adventure with high levels of randomness around the corner of every second they love him and wish that theyve never doubted him. The disgustoids actually made a reference in the show once in the episode where he was building ham sandwich a super computer. When Uncle Grandpa flushed the toilet a huge explosion happened then Festro crawled out of it looking slightly different for he hadn't really been invented yet and made a jibberish screech which made some background chatacters emerge from the toilet including Dingle only he was bigger and green. His first apperance in this show was the episode secret mountain fort uncle grandpa which was their chitmas special Festro was hanging fanny packs like uncle grandpas over the fire place rather than stockings gweelock dressed as him and decorated the cruddy place Dingle made milk and cookies Slog put hot dogs on a cactus rather than ornaments on a tree but Farts didn belive in Uncle Grandpa who was kind of like Santa in This episode so Festo read everyone a story by the fire about him and it was just another episode on uncle grandpa he was reading Farts still didnt belive him until at the end of the episode he came right in and spooked the living daylights out of him. HA HA SILLY FART WHAT ARE WE EVER GOING TO DO WITH YOU?

Bromanor - Bromanor is a female Disgustoid who looks and sounds like a boy she is an evil master mind who tries making evil plans to take over Secret Mountain Fort Awesome her first apperanc was in the episode The 6th disgustoid where the bros were looking for a new roomate who had lots of money to pay off their land lord they came across Bromanor who seemed like the perfect one for the job not knowing that he was a girl they did so many fun things with her they had more fun than ever before but when Festro accidentally saw her naked in the shower when asking for some money to buy th lsn lord a present to shut up and bribe them into letting them stay in thir home without paying forever he saw she had a vagina and knew she was a girl he tried to tell the others but they just didnt seem to listen but not only did he find out she was a girl but also then after found out she had evil plans to take over secret mountain fort awesome own all of their money and cool stuff and keep them as her own personal slaves so then they stop her the end. In the episode Dingle Come Home she tried taking over the Fort yet again but kept on making HUUUUUUUUUGE slip ups and lost the funny thing is that the Disgustioids didnt notice they were stopping her from foing anything they didnt even notice HER!!! It was a funny and ironic ending youd have to see it sometime .......................................................................................................................

The Disgustiods - The Disgustoids are the back ground characters in this show and sometimes they are all given a purpose like in the episodes the 6th disgustoid or Dingle come home for instance they are monsters just like that cast of Secret Mountain Fort awesome only everyone is different like a blue cube shaped guy with green eyes on both sides of his head and mouths on his tentacles and one on the front of his head or a green big headed guy with huge yellow buck teeth and underwear he also has yellow blood shot eyes and a little black hair on his head

Huie - he is one nephew of old bro he is weak and fearful. He is green and the buffest of the few. Although he is very stupid ya know? ... Yeah ya know ... Theres some wheeling and dealing about here and there and WAIT!!! He just lost his under wear. HAHAHA get it? Cuz he just lost his underwear GET OFF THE STAGE!!!

Louis - he is one too. But he is pink and girly and all the time old bro exposes the trio to porn every day. Excpet for Louis his tv screen is bolen so he cant see it he has the curse if insomnia so thats why so hes very very VERY pissed off all t he time and he always cries to death his little head off ok? Ok. (dont know what insomnia is? Look it up)

Festro Jr. - the one old bro nicely named after festro because he and him had a nice time growing up in their childhood together. But he is the weakest but he is the stupidest of the few. I hate him with all my life I SERIOUSLY DO!!! And i will not stop until he crumbles to die.

Old Bro - Festros brother he never shows his face just from the waist down like Mom and Dad from the show Cow and Chicken He has big veiny red legs and a tiny blue thong when his boner is exposed. He is the father of Huie Louis and Festro Jr. He really likes them and dosent want anything to happen to them. If someone ever does anyhing to them tha makes it impossile for him to own them then he weakens that person and replaces them with him for a change.

Fort - Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is really supposed to be a mountain with an eyes and mouth formation made into it. But instead Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is actually a living breathing organism. It's first apperance being alive was in the episode secret mountain fort love. where Secret Mountain Fort Awesome began sprouting arms and legs much like Gweelocks and ran around the over grounds smashing stuff and fell in love with another mountain. It may possibly be another Disgustoid. In the Episode Road Trippin they used him as a car and drove him around town to smash stuff.

The Humans - These are the second set of Background Characters that live over ground they may hate the disgustoids but a few of them sure do look like them i mean Sheesh ever heard of something called fashion whoo-whee!!!

Wendyll - A blue friend of the Disgustoids, he has very big hands and looks like a slug. He has two tiny stubby little yellow devil horns and on big eye. He also has a mouth with two fangs in them. He is very good with mechanics and building and fixing things. In the episode "Dingle Come Home" He helped penetrate an invonerable force field made by the king of the humans so they could save Dingle from his jail.

Cashy - A very rich and pretencious friend of the disgustoids he is made of money (litterally) and has golden sunglasses he has a real mouth and he also has a golden necklace in the shape of a dollar sign.

Voice Cast

  • Frank Welker - Fhestro, Dingle
  • Patrick Duke - Fart
  • Steve Little - Slog
  • Paul Rugg - Gweelok

Additional Voices

  • Jackie Bascarino
  • Steven Blum
  • Dave Wittenberg
  • Eric Bauza
  • Grey DeLisle
  • Tara Strong
  • Sam Marin
  • Mark Hamill
  • Cree Summer
  • Jonathan Winters


  • Kris Zimmerman - Casting and Voice Director
  • Mike Conte of Early Man - Music
  • Bradley Gake - Background Designer
  • Stephen DeStefano - Storyboard
  • Robertryan Cory - Character Designer

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