Saturday Video Entertainment System



March 1, 2003


April 10, 2004

Saturday Video Entertainment System (also known as SVES as deemed by fans of the block) was launched by Cartoon Network in March, 2003. SVES was a new action-animation franchise that featured Toonami programming and other animated action shows that didn't "fit" on Toonami or Adult Swim

SVES marked Cartoon Network's first prime-time lineup completely devoted to action, featuring shows such as: Zoids: New Century.hack//SIGNG.I. JoeDragon BallPokemon, etc.

SVES was packaged like a video game, with a Samus Aran-like character in bumps reminiscent of older arcade game designs. This block was also created by Cartoon Network’s Williams Street division, the same people who created Toonami, Adult Swim, and Miguzi. The animation for SVES was outsourced as opposed to Toonami’s animation which was done in house.

Many considered SVES the death blow for Toonami, which as it turns out was both true and false, considering Toonami was cancelled for SVES, and then revived as a Saturday night block that replaced SVES in April, 2004.


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