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Renegade Animation
Begun: 1992
Status: Active

Renegade Animation is animation studio which currently specializes in MacFlash animation lt was founded by former walt disney studios animator and director Darrell van citters and his business Partner Ashley Postel Waite in 1992. initially they Produced mostly commercial work. beginning with the second Hare Jordan for cheetos; Kellogg's Honey smack; and Kellogg ;s Rice Krispies. in the mid 90's; they moved into internet Cartoons; and Produced Will Ryan's Elmo Aardvark; outer space Detective They have since branched out into television and are Perhaps most well Known as the as Producers of Cartoon series Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi as well as the Mr. Men Show both co-Produced the live-action/ Traditionally- animated teletilm Re-Animated with the Cartoon Network Studios. They also animated part of the Ben 10 intro. They worked on the Funny Face webtoons.

They produced the animation for animated short; a Dairy Tale; The Three Little Pigs which was released specially on the DVD for 2004 Disney film Home on The Range.

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