Regular Show: The Complete First and Second Seasons
Regular Show S1 & S2 Blu-ray

Front Blu-Ray cover.

Company Warner Home Video
Show Regular Show
Released date The Complete First and Second Seasons: July 16, 2013 (USA)

The Complete First Season: October 2, 2013 (Australia)

The Complete Second Season: November 6, 2013 (Australia)

No. of Discs 2 (Blu-ray)
3 (DVD)
No. Episodes 40
Run time 440 mins
Rating TV-PG-V
Region Code 1
Format Blu-ray

Regular Show: The Complete First and Second Seasons is a Blu-ray and DVD release of the american Cartoon Network series, Regular Show. It contains every episode of the first and second seasons from the show, and it's on a 2 disc set for Blu-ray and 3 disc set for DVD. It's released in North America on July 16, 2013. Both seasons are released separately in Australia.


The DVD cover is blue. In the center is a picture of Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Skips and Pops together, with a lawn mower beside them.


Season 1

  • The Power
  • Just Set Up the Chairs
  • Caffeinated Concert Tickets
  • Death Punchies
  • Free Cake
  • Meat Your Maker
  • Grilled Cheese Deluxe
  • The Unicorns Have Got to Go
  • Prank Callers
  • Don
  • Rigby's Body
  • Mordecai and the Rigbys

Season 2

  • Ello Gov'nor
  • It's Time
  • Appreciation Day
  • Peeps
  • Dizzy
  • My Mom
  • High Score
  • Rage Against the TV
  • Party Pete
  • Brain Eraser
  • Benson Be Gone
  • But I Have a Receipt
  • This Is My Jam
  • Muscle Woman
  • Temp Check
  • Jinx
  • See You There
  • Do Me a Soilid
  • Grave Sights
  • Really Real Wrestling
  • Over the Top
  • The Night Owl
  • A Bunch of Baby Ducks
  • More Smarter
  • First Day
  • Go Viral
  • Skunked
  • Karaoke Video

Special Features

  • Commentaries for all 40 episodes
  • The unaired Regular Show pilot
  • Animatic for the pilot
  • Animatic for The Power
  • Original Pencil Tests from Saerom
  • CG Test for Hodgepodge Monster
  • 2010 Comic Con Teaser Trailer
  • The Naive Man from Lolliland student short
  • Party Tonight Music Video
  • Interview with J.G. Quintel
  • JG Pitches "The Power"
  • Original Regular Show Commercials
  • 2 in the AM PM short


  • This is the first Regular Show DVD to also be released on Blu-ray.



Australian season 1 front cover.


Australian season 1 back cover.


Australian season 2 front cover.

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