Regular Show: The Complete Fifth Season

Front DVD cover.

Company Warner Home Video
Show Regular Show
Release date October 11, 2016
No. of discs 3
No. of episodes 40
Run time 440 mins
Rating PG
Region Code 1
Format DVD

Regular Show: The Complete Fifth Season is a DVD release of the american Cartoon Network series, Regular Show. It contains every episode of the fifth season from the show, and it's on a 3 disc set. This DVD is officially released in North America on October 11, 2016.


The DVD cover is orange. In the center it shows a picture of Mordecai, Rigby, Pops, Benson, Skips, Muscle Man, High Five Ghost and the golf cart.


  • "Laundry Woes"
  • "Silver Dude"
  • "Benson's Car"
  • "Every Meat Burritos"
  • "Wall Buddy"
  • "A Skips in Time"
  • "Survival Skills"
  • "Terror Tales of the Park III" (2 part episode)
  • "Tants"
  • "Bank Shot"
  • "Power Tower"
  • "The Thanksgiving Special" (2 part episode)
  • "The Heart of a Stuntman"
  • "New Year's Kiss"
  • "Dodge This"
  • "Portable Toilet"
  • "The Postcard"
  • "Rigby in the Sky With Burrito"
  • "Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit"
  • "Saving Time"
  • "Guitar of Rock"
  • "Skips' Story" (2 part episode)
  • "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys"
  • "Bad Portrait"
  • "Video 101"
  • "I Like You Hi"
  • "Play Date"
  • "Expert or Liar"
  • "Catching the Wave"
  • "Gold Watch"
  • "Paint Job"
  • "Take the Cake"
  • "Skips in the Saddle"
  • "Thomas Fights Back"
  • "Bachelor Party! Zingo!!"
  • "Tent Trouble"
  • "Real Date"

Special Features



RS S5 Back cover

Back DVD cover.

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