Cartoon Network Universe: Project Exonaut
Project exo
Released: April 25, 2011
Developed by: Cartoon Network
Platform: Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows7 and Mac OS X
Genre(s): MMORPG
Mode(s): Multiplayer
Link: website

Cartoon Network Universe: Project Exonaut is a MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) and is Cartoon Network's second MMOG. The game is a continuity-based sequel of FusionFall. Players wear suits called "Exosuits" based off of Cartoon Network characters. There are two teams in the game, they fight the Megalith who roams around the Cartoon Network Universe after their defeat to invade Earth. But the two teams argue which way is better to fight them. one of the teams are called Banzai Squaddron which they build their suits with speed and agility, the other one is called Atlas Brigade which build their suits with strength and durability. The two teams argue trying to prove their superiority. Ben Tennyson is the only character which did not choose sides. You'll wear his suit when you start to play the game (tutorial). After an update, Ben Tennyson's suit is in both team. Suits are from various Cartoon Network currently-running shows like Ben 10, Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Generator Rex suits. It also contains the classic Cartoon Network shows like Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack. Maps of the game are currently from the newer shows on Cartoon Network, such as Treefort (Adventure Time), Bling Bling Island (Johnny Test), and Elmore Carnival (The Amazing World of Gumball).

Banzai Squadron

Banzai focuses more on speed and agility. Banzai has various suits such as Darwin, BMO, Samurai Jack, and Kevin. Their symbol is an image of a black sparrow in a egg shape. The sparrow has thunder on its claws. Banzai original suits Ninja, Tempest and Dragon.

 Atlas Brigade

Focuses mostly on strong and powerful armor. Atlas Brigade have Jake, Gwen, Vilgax, Gumball and more on their team. Their symbol is a green with hammer with string comming off to the end with the ATLAS name on it. Altlas original armor are Phantom, Sentinel and Behemoth.




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