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Primal (also known as Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal), is an American adult animated action television series created by Samurai Jack's Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network's late-night programming block, Adult Swim. The series premiered on October 8, 2019 in the United States on Adult Swim.

A second season was announced on September 3, 2020 and premiered on July 21, 2022.[1][2]

Following the second season finale and conclusion of the "Spear and Fang" storyline, Tartakovsky confirmed that Primal would become an anthology series from its forthcoming third season onward.[3]

In June 2023, the series was renewed for a 10-episode third season.[4]


Set in an anachronistic and fantastical prehistoric-like world, the premise is a bond between a caveman and a Tyrannosaurus (named "Spear" and "Fang" in the production notes and credits, respectively) who struggle to survive as they encounter the various dangerous fauna and people that live in their world.


Main Characters[]

  • Spear (voiced by Aaron LaPlante) (seasons 1-2)
  • Fang
  • Mira (voiced by Laëtitia Eïdo)
  • Charles Darwin (voiced by Jacob Dudman) (The Primal Theory)
  • Darlington (voiced by Jeremy Crutchley) (The Primal Theory)

Recurring Characters[]

  • Spear's Family (season 1)
  • Fang's First Offspring (season 1)
  • Chieftan (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) (season 2)
  • Eldar (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) (season 2)
  • Demonic Entity (season 2)
  • Ima (voiced by Amina Koroma) (season 2)
  • Kamau (voiced by Imari Williams) (season 2)
  • Amal (voiced by Hillary Williams) (season 2)
  • Fang's Second Offspring (season 2)

Series overview[]

season: episodes: season premiere: season finale:
1 10 October 8, 2019 November 1, 2020
2 10 July 22, 2022 September 16, 2022
3 10 TBA TBA


Season 1: 2019-2020[]

No. Title Plot Airdate
1 Spear and Fang Tragedy forces a caveman and a dinosaur to trust each other in order to survive. October 8, 2019
2 River of Snakes Man and beast are tested to find a way to coexist. October 9, 2019
3 A Cold Death In the harshness pf the primordial winter, a herd of woolly mammoths hunt for the murderers of one of their own. October 10, 2019
4 Terror Under the Blood Moon The horrors of the red night test Spear and Fang for survival. October 11, 2019
5 Rage of the Ape-Men An oasis of peace leads them into a brutal attack by an aggressive tribe of ape-men. October 12, 2019
6 Scent of Prey Spear tries to heal Fang to escape the scavengers of the primordial world. October 4, 2020
7 Plague of Madness A sick and unstoppable sauropod has set its sights on two new prey. April 1, 2020 (April Fools Day)
October 11, 2020
8 Coven of the Damned A tribe of mysterious and primitive women seek to sustain their group, by using black magic on Spear and Fang. October 18, 2020
9 The Night Feeder Spear and Fang are followed through the night by a never-before-seen terror. October 25, 2020
10 Slave of the Scorpion Spear and Fang are confronted by a human much more evolved than they have ever seen before. November 1, 2020

Season 2: 2022[]

No. Title Plot Airdate
11 Sea of Despair Spear and Fang venture into the unknown to rescue Mira from her captors. July 22, 2022
12 Shadow of Fate Spear and Fang get separated in a strange new land.
13 Dawn of Man The quest to find Mira leads Spear and Fang to the village of fearsome warriors. July 29, 2022
14 The Red Mist Spear and Fang fight to save Mira from the warrior clan who enslaved her. August 5, 2022
15 The Primal Theory A night of horrors reveals the true nature of man's origin. August 12, 2022
16 Vidarr Spear, Fang, and Mira are hunted by survivors of a village decimated by their carnage. August 19, 2022
17 The Colossaeus, Part I Spear, Fang, and Mira's journey home is threatened by a mysterious threat at sea. August 26, 2022
18 The Colossaeus, Part II Spear and Fang are used as instruments of war for the tyrannical Queen of a formidable warship, the Colossaeus. September 2, 2022
19 The Colossaeus, Part III Spear, Fang and Mira lead a daring escape from the Colossaeus. September 9, 2022
20 Echoes of Eternity An old vengeance returns to wreak havoc. September 16, 2022

Home Media[]

Season volumes:

  • The Complete First Season (June 1, 2021)
  • The Complete Second Season (April 25, 2023)


  • The second Cartoon Network original series to be co-produced with Williams Street.
  • The first Cartoon Network original series to be produced in 2.39:1 aspect ratio.


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