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Pokémon is a Japanese anime series, which has since been adapted for the North and South American, Australian and European television markets. it holds a TV-Y7-FV rating.

It is based on the Pokémon video game series and is part of the Pokémon franchise.


The division between seasons of Pokémon is based on the English version openings of each episode, and may not reflect the actual production season. The American English episode numbers are based on their first airing in the United States either in syndication on Cartoon Network, or in Canada on the YTV Television Network. Other English-speaking nations largely follow either this order or the Japanese order. Subsequent airings of the English version follow the original Japanese order, except in the case of episodes which are no longer shown in English. From 1998-2006 Pokémon was handled by 4Kids Entertainment and The Pokémon Company International. Seasons 1-4 were recorded at TAJ Productions, seasons 5-8 were recorded at 4Kids' in-house studio. In 2006 4Kids' license expired and TPCi announced that they would be responsible for the dubbing, and began co-producing with TAJ Productions until the company's dismantling in 2010. This change is considered controversial due to TPCi refusing to keep the original cast. In 2010 DuArt Film & Video announced that it'd be responsible for recording the Pokémon dub. Pokémon originally aired in syndication until 1999 when it moved to Kids' WB! In 2002 Cartoon Network announced it'd be re-airing any old Pokémon episodes, and in 2006 the network announced it had acquired the series for first run from Kids' WB! The old episodes would now rerun on Boomerang.

In 2017, the series moved to Disney XD, likely due to low ratings caused by the series being aired in an early Saturday morning graveyard slot (reruns of older series were aired in the at night on Boomerang until February of that year, its timeslot had been replaced by Codename: Kids Next Door). Disney XD aired episodes of the Sun and Moon season on Saturday mornings, with reruns of the Sun and Moon and XYZ seasons throughout the week. In 2020, Netflix got the rights to put Pokémon episodes on their streaming service. On June 12 of that year, Pokémon Journeys made its official debut, with 48 episodes of its initial run.

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