Pink Panther and Pals is a cartoon created by MGM Animation in an attempt to revive the original Pink Panther. The series was not renewed for a second season, despite achieving high ratings for its homage to the original shorts, rather than attempting to create something new with the characters, including flawless voice impressions. The series developed 52 Pink Panther shorts and 26 Ant and the Aardvark shorts, totaling 78 cartoons. As of 2017, the show now airs on KidsClick.


  • Pink Panther - Silent Character
  • Blue Aardvark - Eddie Garvar
  • Red Ant - Kel Mitchell
  • Hoarse, Big Nose - Alex Nussbaum
  • Inspector Clouseau, Sergeant Deux-Deux - Pat Harrington, Jr.
  • The Commissionner - John Stephenson


  • The only thing changed to the characters in this series is their age in order to give the show a much more kid friendly approach (as the characters did gunfire and smoking in the original).
  • The series' purpose was to revive the Pink Panther, with a planned 100 episodes (200 Pink Panther shorts and 100 Ant and the Aardvark shorts), though it failed to do so due to funding troubles.
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