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Out of Jimmy's Head is a live-action/animated television series on Cartoon Network. It premiered on Friday, September 14, 2007. The movie, Re-Animated was made about a year ago and this show was a series about it. Due to bad ratings and the Writer's Guild of America 2007 strike, Cartoon Network put the show on hiatus, then stopped airing episodes and making newer ones ever since May 29, 2008. Only 20 episodes were made when it was finished and later it was taken off Cartoon Network Video. When this show was on the network, there was a President's Day celebration with a new episode of Out of Jimmy's Head. That was the only special it was in (8:00AM-2:00PM). This show also aired in Cartoon Network Thursday Nights until it was cancelled.


The pilot was that Jimmy got hit by a train at Gollyworld, and the only way to help him is to replace his brain. The brain belonged to McApple Day, the creator of the cartoons in the show, making Jimmy able to see McApple's cartoons as if they were really there. Even though Jimmy's brain was removed, and McApple's was put in its place, Jimmy still somehow retained all of his memories and personality and gained none of the donor's.



-A DVD release of Out of Jimmy's Head was released exclusively in the UK; as of 2018, there has not been any DVDS of the series released in the United States.

-Golly Gopher, one of the major characters of the series, made a cameo appearance in the OK KO crossover episode, Crossover Nexus. This was the first time that one of the characters from Out of Jimmy's Head gets acknowledged 10 years after the series' cancellation.

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