Mr. Trance is a comic animation series that pretends to laugh at the everyday and increasingly globalized situations that we have to face today. From making use of social networks to suffering the strict rules of an airport or keeping fit in the fashionable gym.


Mr.Trance is not a normal citizen. He wears a purple suit and looks like a stylized porcupine. Despite this, like most people, you have to pay taxes, go shopping or suffer from stress. But he has an exceptional weapon to succeed in such situations: his imagination.


  • The series was nominated for an Emmy Kids Award in the "Kid animation" category
  • He also won the "India Catalina TV" awards
  • He was born from a program called "The Trance Hour"
  • Its origin is Colombian.
  • It was not issued in several Latin American countries.
  • Most of the characters do not know the name.
  • Most episodes have the word "Trance" (for example there are some episodes like Tupper Trance, Amor Trance, Amor Trance 2, Fama Trance, etc).
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