CN Mashup


September 8, 2018

Preceded by



Dimensional (September 8, 2018-present)

CN president(s)

Christina Miller (2018–present)

The Mashup era (commonly abbreviated as CN Mashup) is Cartoon Network's fourteenth and one of the current branding in the US along with Dimensional.

Mashup's bumpers were black and white and colored in frame by frame by people who went on the website and did it and others printed the frames and mailed it. The bumpers were included in next bumpers and others were aired like regular bumpers. The bumpers featured characters transitioning and morphing into other characters. Most of the bumpers ended with a star saying "You made this." and then it flipped to say "Mash Up.".

There is a website to color frames. You have to click "GET MASHING" to pick a black and white frame and start coloring it. There are 3 tools you can choose from. The tools were: A pencil, A paintbrush, and an eraser. To submit, just press the submit button when you're done coloring. When you submit, you have a chance of your frame showing up in the bumper.

As of June 2019, the branding has removed “You Made This” bumpers and others related to it.



  • The website used to color in frames is still Valentine's Day themed.



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