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The LEGO Knights' Kingdom: Win the Shield and Save the Kingdom Sweepstakes was a contest on and Miguzi block that began Friday, September 24, 2004 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM and look for the toll-free number given during commercial breaks, that was made to promote the first LEGO Knights' Kingdom sets.


1 grand prize winner received:

  • A life-sized LEGO model of Jayko and a LEGO shield
  • The complete 2004 LEGO Knights' Kingdom collection sets
  • 80 LEGO Knights' Kingdom game cards
  • LEGO Knights' Kingdom Nintendo Game Boy Advance game pack

500 2nd prize winners:

  • A LEGO Knights' Kingdom Jayko figure
  • 80 LEGO Knights' Kingdom game cards


  • The "Win the Shield and Save the Kingdom Sweepstakes" was Miguzi's first sweepstakes/giveaway.
  • This sweepstakes was sponsored by the LEGO Group.
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