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The Kids' WB Spotlight Show was a weekly block that aired from August 31 to November 16, 2001.

The block came about during the period where Turner Broadcasting operated The WB Television Network and was part of an attempt to create connections between the Kids' WB block and Cartoon Network. Spotlight Show aired special presentations Kids' WB shows, several of which would eventually join the Cartoon Network's regular schedule in 2002 and 2003 (with the exceptions of The Mummy and Cubix: Robots for Everyone).

The block aired Fridays at 7:30pm; it was later moved to 7:00pm on October 19. Following the block's cancellation, its slot was taken by the new series Justice League.

One day after the block premiered, Samurai Jack aired as a one-off on Kids' WB, then, after the block's cancellation, The Powerpuff Girls, Codename: Kids Next Door and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends would premiere on Kids' WB in 2002, 2004 and 2005 respectively. None of those shows lasted long.


  • August 31, 2001: X-Men: Evolution - "Grim Reminder"
  • September 7, 2001: Pokémon - "The Fortune Hunters"
  • September 14, 2001: Jackie Chan Adventures - "The Dog and Piggy Show"
  • September 21, 2001: The Mummy - "The Summoning"
  • September 28, 2001: Cubix: Robots for Everyone - "The Unfixable Robot"
  • October 5, 2001: Yu-Gi-Oh! - "The Heart of the Cards"
  • October 12, 2001: The Mummy
  • October 19, 2001: X-Men: Evolution - "Growing Pains"
  • October 26, 2001: Jackie Chan Adventures
  • November 2, 2001: Pokémon
  • November 9, 2001: The Mummy
  • November 16, 2001: Yu-Gi-Oh!