Jorel's Brother (titled as Irmão do Jorel or Hermano de Jorel in Brazil and Latin America) is an animated series created by Juliano Enrico and co-produced by Cartoon Network Brazil and Copa Studios. It was originally the winner of an animated series pitching event in 2009 promoted by the Brazilian variant to produce new local animations. [1]

This marks it the first series produced by Cartoon Network in Latin America and Brazil.


The show talks about the daily routine of a bizarre and extravagant family. The youngest brother out of the family is simply known as Jorel's brother, whom is often blinded by the fame and popularity of his older brother, Jorel. Starring alongside two other older brothers, his mother, father, two grandmothers and pet dog, they live the everyday life of a Latin American family.

The series is mostly based around the creator's childhood.


  • Jorel's Brother
  • Jorel
  • Nico
  • Grandma Gigi
  • Grandma Juju
  • Danuza
  • Edson
  • Lara

In other media

Jorel's Brother made a cameo in the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes episode "Crossover Nexus".

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