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Invincible Fight Girl is an upcoming American animated action-comedy television series created by DC Super Hero Girls' Juston Gordon-Montgomery. The series has no release month and day release yet, but it will be released in the United States on both Cartoon Network and HBO Max.[1]


The series follows Andy, a young girl who dreams of becoming the greatest pro wrestler of all time. Assuming the wrestler alias: "Fight Girl," Andy sets out into the bizarre and colorful Wrestling World, determined to make a name for herself. Along the way, she meets cynical retired champ: Aunt P, the endearingly innocent Mikey — a great wrestling analyst-in-the-making, and the unscrupulous Craig, who doesn’t so much love wrestling as he does scheming ways to profit off it. United in the goal of helping Andy achieve wrestling glory, this found family embarks on a journey filled with adversity and self-discovery as they chase their dreams, push past their limits and, most importantly … deliver smackdowns on the toughest wrestlers they can find.


  • Andy
  • Aunt P
  • Mikey
  • Craig


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