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Incredible Crew is a 2013 American sketch-comedy television series, created and produced by Nick Cannon. The series premiered on January 24, 2013, but a sneak preview of the series was shown on December 31, 2012. This is Cartoon Network's first sketch-comedy series. The first season finale aired on April 11, 2013. In July 2013, Incredible Crew was cancelled and thus, wasn't renewed for a second season.


Six young talented teenagers participate in comedic skits, hidden camera pranks, original music videos, and commercial parodies using non sequitur humor from the mind of entertainer Nick Cannon.

The Crew

  • Shauna Case
  • Shameik Moore
  • Tristan Pasterick
  • Chanelle Peloso
  • Jeremy Shada
  • Brandon Soo-Hoo


  • Incredible Crew (Main Theme) - Nick Cannon
  • Running Errands with My Mom - Jeremy Shada, Shauna Case, Annie Sertich
  • New Kid - Brandon Soo-Hoo ft. New Boyz
  • Heavy Metal Science Fair - Tristan Pasterick
  • So Stylin' - Shameik Moore
  • Questions Before Bed - Chanelle Peloso, Jeremy Shada, Tristan Pasterick, and Shauna Case
  • Bad Haircuts - Jeremy Shada, Shauna Case, and Brandon Soo-Hoo
  • Leggings - Tristan Pasterick
  • Doing Something Fun while Doing Something Boring - Tristan Pasterick
  • Super Duper Gross Things - Shauna Case
  • Teacher's Lounge - Jeremy Shada ft. E-40
  • AJ Boy Bander - Jeremy Shada, Chanelle Peloso, and Shauna Case
  • Bad Luck Rap - Shameik Moore, Tristan Pasterick, Shauna Case, and Brandon Soo-Hoo
  • Stickers - Chanelle Peloso
  • Reading is Fun - Tristan Pasterick
  • Putting Shaving Cream on Stuff - Jeremy Shada, Tristan Pasterick, and Chanelle Peloso
  • So What! - Tristan Pasterick


  • This is Cartoon Network's first (and so far only) sketch-comedy series.
  • The show was cancelled due to how much it was panned; and was Cartoon Network's last attempt at attempting to bring live-action originals into their lineup due to how many of them have not made it past 1-2 seasons until the annoucement of Family Mash-Up
    • The only two live-action Cartoon Network series' that were successful upon launch were Destroy Build Destroy and Dude, What Would Happen, as both shows got good ratings during their launch and both reached a surprising four seasons, but eventually plummeted altogether due to lack of viewership on account of the new lineup of successful cartoons shadowing their relevance.
      • It is a possibility that the CN Real live-action series might have been working together as Destroy Build Destroy and Dude, What Would Happen begun and ended at the same time. and all the shows from the block were low budget and have similar formats and writings and Andrew W.K guest starring in a episode of Dude.
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