Inch High, Private Eye is an American animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and broadcast on NBC from September 8, 1973, to August 31, 1974.

The character was modeled after Maxwell Smart, the main character of the 1965-1970 comedy Get Smart, and Lennie Weinrib's performance as Inch High is an imitation of Don Adams' character.


The titular character of Inch High Private Eye is a miniature detective (literally one inch high), who attained his diminutive stature by way of a secret shrinking potion. Inch often enlists the help of his niece Lori (sometimes written "Laurie"), her muscle-bound friend Gator, and their dog Braveheart to help solve mysteries. Their primary mode of transportation is the Hushmobile, a streamlined car that makes virtually no noise while being driven, making it perfect for following criminals unnoticed. Inch works for The Finkerton Detective Agency (a wordplay lampoon of The Pinkerton Detective Agency), where the boss (Mr. Finkerton) constantly dreams of the day that he will fire him. Unlike most Hanna-Barbera mystery-solving cartoons, the characters in this show are not teenagers.


Inch High Private Eye logo
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