Season 1: 1997

# Title Plot Original airdate
1 This Bridge, Not Weasel Bridge After a chief engineer is hit by a comet, Weasel is summoned to help finish the trans-atlantic bridge project from New York to Paris. July 15, 1997
2 I.R. on Sun Ignorant to Weasel's warnings, I.R. attempts to become the first baboon on the sun. July 22, 1997
3 Deep Sea Tour Weasel sets forth to rescue three children and Captain I.R. Baboon from their sinking bathysphere. July 29, 1997
4 I.R. Gentlemans Weasel attempts to teach I.R. Baboon proper etiquette in preparation for a royal gathering in Yurp. August 5, 1997
5 I Are Big Star Weasel earns a major role for a film that I.R. was after. August 12, 1997
6 Power of Odor I.R's organic pig farm causes an uproar in a city, leaving it up to Weasel to solve the problem. August 19, 1997
7 Ping Pong at Sea I.R. manages to get himself into a live ping-pong game against Weasel. But he got disqualified because he used the egg as a ball. August 26, 1997
8 Disease Fiesta I.R. creates a disease which transforms people into amoeba, leaving it up to Weasel to clean this mess up. September 2, 1997
9 I.R. Plant Life I.R. is running a failing plant stall, and attempts to do a better job by selling a rare thistle from a nearby plant museum. September 9, 1997
10 I Am Ambassador Weasel attempts to save the lives of 5 French-Canadian beavers from being held at saw-point by two surfers. September 16, 1997
11 Law of Gravity I.R. constantly makes changes to the Law of Gravity, much to the annoyance and disapproval of Weasel. September 23, 1997
12 Happy Baboon Holidays I.R's Christmas celebrations go wrong when his family are thawed out at Weasel's pent-house. September 30, 1997
13 I, Architect Both Weasel and I.R. end up in hospital after a collision course. However, a slight mix-up in the operation room leads to both having the other's brain. October 7, 1997

Season 2: 1998

# Title Plot Original airdate
1 I.R. Mommy I.R. adopts a baby, but is soon given lessons in motherhood by Weasel.

(Note: First I Am Weasel appearance of The Red Guy)

January 13, 1998
2 I Am Deity Weasel and I.R. concoct life, but our red-butt baboon soon becomes jealous, because Weasel's world is evolving faster. January 20, 1998
3 I Am Cry Baby Weasel tries to help provide a good source for people with a severe crying syndrome. January 27, 1998
4 I.R's Phantom Foot After tripping over an invisible pot-hole, I.R. breaks his "phantom foot." Ultimately, he attempts to sue Weasel over his injury. February 3, 1998
5 Queen of DeNile It's the Egyptian times, and Weasel and I.R. are both asp exterminators, attempting to save the queen Cleo-pantless (The Red Guy) from this infestation. February 10, 1998
6 I Are Music Man In an attempt to prove his claim that he's a better musician than Weasel, I.R. gatecrashes a live event, armed with a theremin. February 17, 1998
7 I Am My Lifetime Weasel and I.R. (now both senior citizens) look back upon their memories. February 24, 1998
8 I.R. Pixie Fairie Uncle Breezybum (The Red Guy) tells a story about Weasel, I.R. and pixie fairie versions of the same characters. March 3, 1998
9 I.R. Ice Fisher Weasel and his guest spend some quality time together in Saskatchewan, Canada. Later, Weasel teaches I.R. about ice fishing. March 10, 1998
10 I.R. Role Model (a. k. a. National No Weasel Day) A role-reversal is made between Weasel and I.R. when a fire has taken place. March 17, 1998
11 I.R. in Wrong Cartoon With help from the Red Guy, Cow manages to fish Weasel out of her TV and into her home.

(Note: First "I Am Weasel" appearance of Cow)

March 24, 1998
12 My Friend, the Smart Banana Weasel befriends an intellectual banana.(Note: First "I Am Weasel" appearances of Flem and Earl) March 31, 1998
13 I.R. Wild Baboon Whilst in prison, Weasel explains his crime when he stalked I.R. Baboon as a subject for a wildlife study. April 7, 1998

Season 3: 1998

# Title Plot Original airdate
1 Time Weasel Weasel and I.R. travel in time, and change it in the process. Expect Dinosaurs and the inventions of glasses and Onion Rings. July 21, 1998
2 The Hole Weasel studies one of the natural wonders of the world, a gigantic hole. Unfortunately, I.R. has come over as well, along with his obsession to fill up every single hole in the world. July 28, 1998
3 I Stand Corrected Serving a 99-year sentence at a correctional facility with I.R. Baboon, Weasel starts to feel concerned about the inhumane correctional devices that are set up on fellow prisoners. August 4, 1998
4 I Am Bush Pilot Weasel is an aircraft pilot, with I.R. as his co-pilot. Their job is to bring passengers upstream because of a dam, created by beavers, getting in the way. However, things go wrong when there's too much weight aboard. August 11, 1998
5 Dessert Island Weasel and I.R. end up stranded on an island made entirely of confectionaries (i.e., chocolate, ice cream, cupcakes, etc.). August 18, 1998
6 Unsinkable I.R. I.R. is the captain of his own ship, but Admiral Weasel is concerned over his rules and the condition of the actual ship. September 8, 1998
7 I Am Vampire Weasel and I.R. are vampires looking for some fun. What's more, they get on well with the villagers. September 9, 1998
8 A Tree Story Weasel tries to settle a dispute between a group of trees and those that hurt them (notably I.R. Baboon). September 15, 1998
9 Honey I Are Home I.R. Baboon is jealous over his neighbor, Weasel, because he has a better life, job and family than him. However, when he's invited over to their house for a barbecue, can I.R. get along? September 16, 1998
10 Driver's Sped A poetic I.R. attempts to get a driving licence, with Weasel being his instructor. September 22, 1998
11 I.R. Do Weasel attends I.R's wedding, only to find that the bride hasn't shown up yet. October 13, 1998
12 I Are Good Dog Weasel and I.R. are adopted as dogs by a young boy. November 10, 1998
13 He Said, He Said Weasel and I.R. simultaneously tell their psychiatrist (The Red Guy) about each other's mishaps. November 17, 1998

Season 4: 1998 - 1999

# Title Plot Original airdate
1 Enemy Camp Best friends turned enemies, Weasel and I.R. look back to when they attended a camp where they were trained to become arch enemies. November 24, 1998
2 I Am Clichéd Weasel and I.R. star in Louie B. Bare's (The Red Guy's) "original" cartoon that actually contains classic cartoon clichés.(Note: Louie B. Bare is named after Louis B. Mayer, the founder of the legendary Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio whose pre-1986 library including the ultrapopular Tom and Jerry cartoons is owned by Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment Co., the owners of Cartoon Network who coincidentally aired I Am Weasel.) December 1, 1998
3 I Am Gladiator Weasel and I.R. battle each other as gladiators in the Roman times. December 8, 1998
4 Revolutionary Weasel Weasel and I.R. (as senior citizens) tell their grandchildren about their ancestors' involvement in the War of Independence. December 15, 1998
5 I Are Ghost Weasel and I.R. (as ghosts) are called to haunt a famed Hollywood starlette (The Red Guy) out of her home. And as always, things don't go to plan. January 19, 1999
6 The Magnificent Motorbikini Weasel and I.R. test out a new form of transport that's half motorcycle, half bikini, with dramatic (and disastrous) results. January 22, 1999
7 I Am Hairstylist Weasel and I.R. run one of the best hair salons around. However, the hair police (The Red Guy) soon has a look into this in an attempt to shut them down. February 8, 1999
8 I Am Whale Captain Travelling by Whale, Weasel and I.R. set sail to find a giant octopus. February 19, 1999
9 Dream Weasel Weasel creates a device that controls peoples' sleeping patterns, and decides to use it in order to help give the public their ability to dream again. March 11, 1999
10 The Sackless Games Lance Sackless (The Red Guy) creates his own athletic games, with Weasel and I.R. as his only contestants. March 17, 1999
11 The Baboon's Paw After seeing a Monkey's Paw sold in Chinatown, I.R. starts making wishes using the fingers of his hands. March 19, 1999
12 Who Rubbed Out Cow and Chicken? Weasel and I.R. investigate to see who has done the heinous crime of erasing Cow and Chicken out of existence. Eventually they discover that the culprit is the Red Guy trying to take over the show, and this was all a dream Cow had. (This is the fourth time we see The Red Guy wear pants.) April 5, 1999
13 I Are Good Salesmans Weasel attempts to stop I.R. from selling fire door-to-door. April 14, 1999

Season 5: 1999

# Title Plot Original airdate
1 I Are Terraformer! / I Am Viking / The Drinking Fountain of Youth I Are Terraformer!: Weasel and I.R. travel to the Moon to create a new form of living, through oxygen, cities and plants.I Am Viking: Weasel and I.R. are Vikings, who are ready, willing and able to pillage and plunder anything in sight. However, is it not too late to join The Red Guy in being a Viking cheerleader?

The Drinking Fountain of Youth: In a Christopher Columbus-like story, Weasel and I.R. set sail to find the Drinking Fountain of Youth.

July 22, 1999
2 Leave it to Weasel / The Fairy Godfather / I Are Robin Hood Leave it to Weasel: Weasel and I.R. are called in as replacement kids after a couple's real children go away to camp.The Fairy Godfather: Based on Cinderella, Cinder-Weasel tries to make it to the evening ball, despite the interference of his evil stepbrother, I.R. Baboon. Can our Weasel get help from his Fairy Godfather (The Red Guy)?

I Are Robin Hood: I.R. Baboon takes the role of Robin Hood, with Weasel being his ally, Little John.

July 29, 1999
3 The Incredible Shrinking Weasel / Baboon Man and Boy Weasel / I.M.N. Love The Incredible Shrinking Weasel: Doctors Weasel and I.R. shrink themselves in order to perform an operation, which is to repair a crack in The Red Guy's butt cheek.Baboon Man and Boy Weasel: Based on Batman, I.R. Baboon is the hero known as Baboon Man, whereas Weasel is his sidekick, Weasel Boy.

I.M.N. Love: Whilst at the gym, Weasel and I.R. fall in love with Cow and Chicken's Teacher.

August 5, 1999
4 I.R's First Bike / The Sorcerer's a Dentist / The Wrong Bros. I.R's First Bike: I.R. gets a bike for Christmas. Learning of his inexperience, Weasel tries to help him.

The Sorcerer's a Dentist: Back in the medieval times, Weasel is a dentist with wizardry powers with Baboon as his envious nurse.

The Wrong Bros. Based on the true story of The Wright Brothers, The Red Guy narrates a documentary about The Right Bros. and the Wrong Bros. (Weasel and I.R.), competing to see who could invent the first plane.

August 12, 1999
5 I Am Cave Weasel / My Blue Hiney / Mission: Stupid I Am Cave Weasel: Weasel and Baboon are cave-men living back in the prehistoric times, while Weasel tries to invent new products to create the future.

My Blue Hiney: A narrator tells the story about the travelling country-singing duo of Weasel and Baboon.

Mission: Stupid: Weasel and Baboon are troops enlisted in the U.S Ground Force and must rescue a lone kitty stuck in a tree.

August 19, 1999
6 Back to School / I Are a Artiste / Fred: Last of the Idiots Back to School: Weasel and I.R. are sent back to repeat the 4th Grade, in which they would go to the same school as Cow and Chicken.I Are a Artiste: The Red Guy narrates the story of when Weasel and Baboon moved to Paris in 1909 to become famous artists.

Fred: Last of the Idiots: Weasel and Baboon are on an expedition to capture a wild, dim-witted savage named Fred. When they manage to capture him, Weasel, however, cannot understand his unusual language.

August 26, 1999
7 I Are Bellhop / Take I.R. Out to the Ballgame / I Bee Weasel I Are Bellhop: Weasel works at a hotel as the manager, whereas I.R. is his incompetent bellhop. However, Weasel needs to rely on I.R's help when an acclaimed cannibal actor (The Red Guy) wants to eat him for dinner.Take I.R. Out to the Ballgame: Weasel attempts to take I.R. out to a baseball game.

I Bee Weasel: Weasel and I.R. are worker bees, and our red-butt baboon wants to do a honey dance like all the other bees, but it soon results in further problems.

September 2, 1999
8 I Am Franken-Weasel / A Troo Storee / Rodeo Weasel I Am Franken-Weasel: Based on the story of Frankenstein, Weasel is a mad scientist, whereas I.R. is his assistant.A Troo Storee: Weasel's theory on monkeys typing Shakespeare goes wrong when almost every monkey involved walks out on him. However, he sees hope in the form of I.R. Baboon, who writes a book entitled "A Troo Storee," despite the fact that it lowers peoples' I.Q. level.

Rodeo Weasel: Weasel is famous cowboy working in a rodeo in which Baboon is a clown. Cow and Chicken's teacher and her husband appear in this episode.

September 9, 1999
9 The Legend of Big Butt / I Am Dragon Slayer / I Are Legend The Legend of Big Butt: Weasel and I.R. are in search of a legend known as Big Butt, which later happens to be The Red Guy.I Am Dragon Slayer: It's the Middle Ages, and Weasel and I.R. are looking for a dragon to slay.

I Are Legend: Weasel, I.R. and The Red Guy are believed to be the last beings on Earth, until they discover that everybodys been watching their show... where it turns out that Baboon is really the star!

September 16, 1999
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