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George of the Jungle is a flash animated series created in an attempt to make a cartoon line for the franchise, though it was heavily criticized for its humor, animation style, and departing the recognization of some of the original characters (Ursula in most particular) and never made it past one season. It first aired on Teletoon in 2007. It was then acquired by Cartoon Network USA, which premiered the show's Christmas special on December 21, 2007, before eventually premiering on January 18, 2008.



A friendly, yet dim-witted vine-swinging man in a loincloth, George lives in a jungle in Africa, acting as the "king of the jungle" in a Tarzan-ish role. Possessing incredible strength, bravery, and a penchant for repeatedly crashing into trees while vine-swinging, George acts as the protector of all the jungle's inhabitants. He also acts immature (picking his nose and eating snot) and speaks in the third person ("George can't hear you"). Despite his scrawny appearance, he is quite strong for a normal man, he also believes he is an ape, and doesn't realize he is human. He is given his unique voice by Canadian voice actor Lee Tockar.


George’s wife. Her appearance in this Canadian incarnation was universally panned for replacing her original red-haired appearance with a darker skin-toned brunette.


The friend of George who always disagrees with him.


The pet elephant of George. He is very playful at times.


George's pet bird. Always says "Tookie, tookie!"


George's closest friend who is sometimes clumsy. Her father is the Witch Doctor.



  • The show was later renewed for a second season (albeit changing a lot of things from Season 1) airing from 2016-2017 in Canada. It never aired on United States linear television due to poor reception by fans of the 1960s cartoon, though it has seen on Kabillion and Paramount+.