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Generator Rex is an American animated television series for Cartoon Network and is created by Man of Action. John Fang of Cartoon Network Studios serves as supervising director. It is based on the comic M. Rex, published by Image Comics in 1999. The series premiered on April 23, 2010 and concluded on January 3, 2013. A crossover special with Ben 10: Ultimate Alien aired on November 25, 2011, while a second special with Ben 10 aired in 2021, eight years after the show had already ended.


Five years prior to the series, a massive explosion (known as "The Nanite Event) released tiny microscopic nano machines into the atmosphere, infecting everyone on the planet. While most nanites are harmless, some turn people into monsters known as EVO's (short for Exponentially Variegated Organism). EVO's often go berserk and cause destruction and chaos. To combat this threat, and organization known as Providence was founded. Providence, looking for a way to stop the EVOs, finds a teenager who gives them hope that they can eventually stop the EVO war.

The series follows an amnesic teenager named Rex Salazar who fights for Providence. Rex is gifted with the power to cure EVOs and to build weapons out of his body. Surprisingly, Rex is also an EVO, but he can control his own powers. Rex while working for Providence also has to deal with being a teenager as well as being used as a secret weapon by Providence, much to his dismay. Rex must unlock the secrets of his past with the help of his friends and teammates to stop the EVO war and the various villains he accouters.


  • Rex Salazar: The title character of the series. He is a carefree, headstrong, easygoing Latin American teenager who speaks both Spanish and English. He is the second child of two scientest who worked on the Nanite Project. When he was ten, he was fatally wounded in a industrial accident, leading his parents and older brother to inject fully programed nanites into his body, giving him his trademark technopathic and mechanical powers. After the Nanite Event, Rex lost his memory and was eventually was found by Providence, where they used him as they're "secret weapon" to fight EVOs. Rex is best friends with another teen named Noah Nixon, and has a crush on a EVO named Circe.
  • Agent Six: The sixth most dangerous man on the planet who works for Providence and acts as Rex's "nanny" of sorts.
  • Dr. Rebecca Holiday: Scientist at Providence and is Rex's caretaker, who often checks up on him to see how he's doing after battles against EVOs. She has a younger sister named Beverly, who turned into an EVO.
  • Bobo Haha: A talking EVO chimpanzee who is often mistaken for a monkey. He speaks fluent English and has extreme intelligence due to being an EVO. He acts as Rex's sidekick and often sets a bad example for him.
  • Noah Nixon: A teenager who was initially hired by Providence to befriend and subtly change Rex to be more compliant to Providence. Eventually, Noah told Rex he was a spy which caused Rex to get angry towards him, but the two became friends later on, as Noah had been fired from Providence. He likes table tennis, basketball, and likes to prank people.
  • White Knight: The leader of Providence, who is extremely strict and hates EVOs.
  • Van Kleiss: The main villian of the series. He was originally a scientist who worked on the Nanite Project. After the Nanite Event, he became a leader of a group of EVO's known as The Pack. He has the ability to drain nanites from peoples bodies, controlling nature, and creating his own EVOs.


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Principal cast

  • Troy Baker - Van Kleiss, Biowulf, Agent Weaver, Roswell
  • Grey DeLisle - Dr. Rebecca Holiday, Zag RS, Girl E.V.O, Co-Pilot, Rhodes, Diane Farah, Isabella, Violeta Salazar
  • John DiMaggio - Bobo Haha, Skalamander, Architect, Jungle Cat E.V.O., Pete Volkov, Robo-Bobo Haha, Two-Headed E.V.O. (Michael), Hunter Cain (2nd Time), Dark Figure, Rath, Providence Agent, Huckster, Vostok
  • Wally Kurth - Agent Six, Captain Calan
  • Daryl Sabara - Rex Salazar
  • Tara Sands - Circe
  • Fred Savage - Noah Nixon
  • Freddy Rodriguez - Dr. Caesar Salazar
  • J.K. Simmons - White Knight
  • Hynden Walch - Breach



  • Rick Morales
  • Chris Graham
  • Sam Montes
  • Seung-Hyun Oh

Supervising Producer

  • John Fang


  • Ryan Slater

Art Director

  • Nollan Obena


  • Rob Hoegee
  • Paul Giacoppo
  • Scott Sonneborn
  • Tad Stones
  • Alexx Van Dyne
  • Marsha F. Griffin
  • Eugene Son
  • Man of Action

Original Music Composer

  • Kevin Manthei
  • Orange (Theme Song)

Casting Director

  • Collette Sunderman

Art Department

  • Pakin Liptawat - Background Designer
  • Art Morales - Background Designer
  • Eric Lloyd Brown - Prop Designer
  • Nora Murphy-Breden - Background Painter
  • Chu-Hui Song - Background Painter
  • Mike Inman - Background Painter
  • Sam Montes - Storyboard Artist
  • Fred Reyes - Storyboard Artist
  • Kirk Van Womer - Storyboard Artist
  • Arthur Nichols - Storyboard Artist

Sound Department

  • Robert Crew - Foley Recording Mixer
  • Collette Sunderman - Recording Director
  • Robert Serda
  • Timothy J. Borquez
  • Eric Freeman
  • Tom Syslo

Animation Department

  • Walter Gatus - Character Designer
  • Jose Lopez - Character Designer
  • Sunmin Image Pictures Co., Ltd. - Animation Production

Series Film Editor

  • Jhoanne Reyes
  • Peter Tomaszewicz

Music Department

  • Jimmy Schafer - Electric Guitar/Bass/Musician/Etc.
  • Piper Manthei - Composer: Additional Music

Other Crew

  • Donna Lau - credits
  • Brian E.S. Jones - Current Series Executive
  • Matthew Long - Production Assistant

Appearances in other media

Rex was shown in Cartoon Network's 20th anniversary poster/wallpaper/mural.

Rex made a cameo in the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes episode, Crossover Nexus, where he appeared as one of the Cartoon Network heroes that were summoned and defeated by the episode's main antagonist, Strike.

Home Media

All three seasons are available to watch on iTunes.

The series was released on a 2 disc DVD set on October 2010.

Generator Rex was added to HBO Max in Latin America on March 2022, but is yet to come to the service in the US.

Video game

Generator Rex: Agent of Providence, a video game based on the series, was released on November 1st, 2011 for Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Playstation 3, Xbox 360.

Various Generator Rex games were also made playable on as flash games. Though, these games have since been taken down due to Adobe Flash's shut down in 2020.


The series aired on the Latin American channel, Tooncast.



Emmy Awards

Won in 2010 for the episode "The Day That Everything Changed".

  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation - Nora Murphy-Breden (background painter)
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation - Chu-Hui Song (background painter)


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