The Frozen Fantasy Sweepstakes was a contest on in 2002 that was made to promote the first Ice Age film.

The grand prize winner gets an Alaskan cruise for four, where they'll see glaciers, and one runners-up will get an Ice Age GameBoy Advanced game.

The commercial for the sweepstakes was done by Simon Coffin, who did other Cartoon Network commercials up until 2008. The commercial featured Fred Flintstone (from The Flintstones) who found summer to be an overrated season, and can't wait for winter.


  • The commercial ends with a bumper (actually done by Blue Sky Studios, who created the Ice Age franchise) where Scrat pops out of the O in Cartoon Network's logo, but is stuck in there, yet, tries to get his acorn, but screams and gives up.
    • This was also used for a bumper the Fox Network had at the time, but was replaced with the Fox logo.
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