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Fat Dog Mendoza
is an animated children's show created by Scott Musgrove. The Show follows a smart-mouthed dog who is incredibly obese, so much to the Point that he is ball shaped with small, stubby legs. other charactes include Little Costumed Buddy, Piranha Mae, and onion Boy. The group try to fight crime in the fictional neghbourhood Neighbourhood X and they try to search for Justice but often fail humorously. The series lasted until 2001. This was the first Cartoon Network European co-production. lt aired again on Cartoon Network UK until 2005.

Main Characters

  • Fat Dog Mendoza
  • Little Costumed Buddy/Danny (He is once refered to by this name by Fat Dog as a mistake while teaching him bowing.)
  • Piranha Mae
  • Onion Boy
  • Doctor Rectangle
  • Polly-Esther
  • Cruddy McFearson
  • Kur Topki                                                        

Voice Cast

  • Mark Acheson
  • Kathleen Barr
  • Erin Fitzgerald

Theme Song

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