September 14, 2007


July 13, 2008


Shilo Designs

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Stuart Snyder

Cartoon Network Rebrand 2007

Cartoon Network Rebrand 2007

Fall Era

The Fall era was the seventh era of Cartoon Network era that began airing on September 14, 2007, ending the "Summer 2007" era. "We're on it" is their slogan for the rebrand. The look ended on July 13, 2008 with the Noods look replacing it. This era was created and produced by Shilo Designs.

According to many, this era marked the beginning of Cartoon Network's decline, because the branding featured real humans, and the fact that Out of Jimmy's Head, Cartoon Network's first live-action series premiered. To make matters worse, the live-action movies were played more than ever.


During this era, a lot of Cartoon Network's original series had been cancelled and removed from the network. This era would continue to push live action. The Cartoon Cartoon Show and The Cartoon Cartoon Top 5 had ended by the end of the era.

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