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Color Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 9 July 11, 2003 November 22, 2003
2 4 October 1, 2004 October 22, 2004

Season 1 (2003)

Episode No.

Episode Title

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1 "Gutless / Day of the Dreadbots / League of Destruction" July 11, 2003
Gutless: Hector's "stomach" gets ill one morning, forcing Boskov and Hector to stay in bed. However, when a world domination opportunity comes up, Stomach is removed and they head out to Great Britain in a large blimp. Their plot to hit Buckingham palace is thwarted, however, when he realizes he wants stomach there. They return to find Stomach in pretty bad condition. With a little bit of back patting from Boskov, though, the excess gas is released from Stomach and he returns to normal. Until Dr. Ghastly lights a match.

Day of the Dreadbots: Hector gets fed up with his army and dismisses them. He then asks Dr. Ghastly to build him a robot army. Skarr reprograms them to be loyal to him and creates a robot version of himself as the second in command. They manage to capture the others and through them in the dungeon before the Skarr-bot decides to mutiny and replace Skarr.

League of Destruction: Hector decides that the evil geniuses in the world are keeping each other from taking over the world so he decides to unite them all. Captain Cod Commando puts together a team to stop the league; meanwhile a battle ensues within the league over who will be leader. Cod Commando arrives only to find them sprawled out every where having beaten each other up already.

2 "Son of Evil / Right to Bear Arms / Trouble With Skarrina" July 18, 2003
Son of Evil: The son of Hector and Major Doctor Ghastly which is Destructicus Con Carne is from the future and comes back to say hi but incidentally tells his parents what happens in the future and that he's a protecter of truth and justice.

Right to Bear Arms: Major Doctor Ghastly invents a new machine called the Cerebro-Ransmuter 2000, It can put Hector's brain into anyone's body, and Skarr becomes that body. But Boskov's arms end up onto Skarr's body, and Skarr's arms are put onto Boskov's. They both then discover that he is able to make his own arms move. Even on someone else's body.

Trouble With Skarrina: Con Carne's enemy Estroy builds a robot woman for Skarr who cannot even see her metal skin or the bomb ticking. He then takes it back to the island and listens to no one trying to warn him.

3 "Go Spork! / Boskov's Day Out / Cod vs. Hector" August 1, 2003
Go Spork!: The episode starts out with Hector turning the people of the world into his minions with a telemarketing scam. No sooner has this begun that the super team SPORK is contacted and rush to Hectors Lair where battle ensues. Foolishly, Cod Commando answers a phone in the lair and falls into Hectors trap. SPORK retreats and private simmons (a monkey) devises a sonic blocker to put a stop to Hectors evil plan. Returning to the lair, incognito, SPORK attacks! The sonic blocker is installed and every one is freed from the hypnotic spell. With that, SPORK kicks Evil's butt and the day is saved!

Boskov's Day Out: Hector is in a tank while Boskov begs to go out. Dr. Ghastly leashes Boskov and takes him for a walk. Skar decides to take advantage of this and places a call to Russia... At the airport Boskov's old Russian trainer, Vlad, arrives – greeted by Skarr!... Vlad begins following them to reclaim Boscov. Skar tags along to be abused throughout the episode. The first attempt is to capture Boscov in a net. This fails misreably resulting in Skarr being used as a piniata. The second attempt to get Boscov fails as well (though it is amusing to see Skarr in a female bear costume). This results in Skarr being stuck in a tree – literally. Vlad aims a traquilizer, but Skarr ends up taking it in his rear end. Dr. Ghastly gathers Boskov back and the head home. Vlad vows to reattain his bear no matter what. Meanwhile, Boskov and Hector are rejoined. Skarr ends up as Vlad's new bear.

Cod vs. Hector: This episode begins with Hector torturing Cod Commando in his undersea lair. Not heading a warning by Dr. Ghastly, Hector accidentally self-destructs the undersea lair. Both Hector and Cod Commando end up alone on a desert island and they immediately split the island in two. Hector does not have much luck surviving and ends up going to Cod Commando for help. However, once inside they throw Cod out and take over his "hut." After failing at trying to figure out how Cod's appliances work, they go and admit they need to work with Cod. Cod ends up back outside after he shows them how to use the toaster. This results in a fire. Searching for warmth, Boskov and Hector head up to a mountain. Unfortunately for them, this is a volcano that explodes on them. Cod comes to their rescue. However, Cod only saves Boskov, tying Hector to a ledge. Boskov and Cod join as one and take over Hectors army.

4 "Ultimate Evil / Search and Estroy / The Pie Who Loved Me" August 15, 2003
Ultimate Evil: Tired of consistently failing at his attempts to rule the world, Hector orders General Skarr to make Boskov into a vicious, mean, bear. Boskov in his new stage manages to take down Cod Commando and the entire army of Spork single-pawdidly, but when General Skarr pushes Boskov too far, Boskov starts attacking Hector and Skarr for mistreating him. Can Dr. Ghastly find a way to remedy this situation?

Search and Estroy: Skarr is evesdropping on Hector and Dr. Ghastly about their new secret weapon- a disenigration gun. Too their dismay Estroy comes up with a better version of the gun. He also surprises them by inviting them to dinner. Hector accepts as a way to steal his ideas. Hector and Ghastly arrive at Estroy's neighboring island while Skarr slips around the back. Of course he falls while scaling the wall and lands in a pond of electric eels. At dinner, Estroy tries to recruit Dr. Ghastly. In the meantime, Skarr has gotten into the building and he reaches the secret plans. Estroy reveals that his intentions were to make Dr. Ghastly his new assistant. She's reluctant to the idea and they leave in a huff. Back at home, Skarr reveals the plans to them and they immediately begin construction.

The Pie Who Loved Me: This is a mini musical. At first, Hector is singing about the things he adores. This leads into why he should take over the world (classical). This goes into Dr. Ghastly singing about her scientific work, leading into her baking pies for science (rock Opera). The pies are sent to the people who are singing about the temptation of pies in the sky. Skarr breaks in with a solo about hitting people with pies. Even Boskov gets a solo (rock opera). Meanwhile, the organization that's to stop Evil is out of commission from too much pie; as are the citizens. This leads back into Hector rejoicing in song about his success with the pie scheme... Until Cod Commando infiltrates the "pie in the sky" with a patriotic tune. In the end, no one could fight anyone anymore because they have had "too much pie. (the finale)".

5 "Max Courage / The Time Hole Incident / Christmas Con Carne" August 22, 2003
Max Courage: Major Dr. Ghastly captures an old friend of hers to force him to help her build a destruction machine.

The Time Hole Incident: Major Doctor Ghastly invents the Temporal Confabulationater Izationizer Unit – a time machine that works so well that Ghastly, Hector and Skarr end up meeting their future selves and Destructicus Con Carne, son of Ghastly and Hector, as both an infant and an adult.

Christmas Con Carne: Rupert the Green-Nosed Reindeer saves Christmas when Hector Con Carne tries to ruin it.

6 "Bring Me the Face of Hector Con Carne / Devolver, Parts 1 & 2" September 5, 2003
Bring Me the Face of Hector Con Carne: Dr. Ghastly discovers that Hector's face may still be intact and sends out a search party to get it. This episode also reveals how Dr. Ghastly and Hector met, as well as how Hector was defeated by Cod Commando in the first place.

Devolver, Parts 1 & 2: General Skarr accidentally walks through Major Doctor Ghastly's devolving ray and begins to revert to his primitive forms, including a giant ape and starts to terrorize the Con Carne base!

7 "Evil Con Carne / Emotional Skarr / Evil Goes Wild" November 1, 2003
Evil Con Carne: Hector Con Carne orders his staff mad scientist, Major Doctor Ghastly, to build him a new body after Boskov the Bear messes up Con Carne's latest plan for world domination by heading for food instead of battle.

Note: "Evil Con Carne" was the original pilot short that aired on August 24, 2001, as well as part of the original show, Grim & Evil.

Emotional Skarr: Major Doctor Ghastly makes her latest world-domination device, but General Skarr, Con Carne's Chief of Staff, uses the giant robot dog (modeled after Con Carne's tiny little chihuahua, Enrique Jr.) to attempt to kill Boskov and Con Carne instead of trying to take over the world with it.

Evil Goes Wild: Boskov is captured by park rangers and put in the zoo, where (true to form) Con Carne mobilizes the other captive bears to take over the world.

8 "Evil on Trial / The Smell of Vengeance, Parts 1 & 2" November 8, 2003
Evil on Trial: General Skarr turns Con Carne in to the FBI when he finds out that Con Carne is "the World's 23rd Most Wanted" criminal with a large cash bounty on his head. When it turns out no lawyer on earth will defend Con Carne, he finds himself in court defended by Major Doctor Ghastly – and prosecuted by the Cod Commando.

The Smell of Vengeance, Parts 1 & 2: Major Doctor Ghastly's latest version of a world-domination device is The Almighty Stink Ray, with which Con Carne threatens to stink up the entire world unless he is given a huge ransom and small piece of land in Montana. Cod Commando, the only soldier without a nose, is sent to destroy the Almighty Stink Ray.

9 "Everyone Loves Uncle Bob / Tiptoe Through the Tulips, Parts 1 & 2" November 22, 2003
Everyone Loves Uncle Bob: Con Carne takes over a Mr. Rogers-type children's show in an attempt to rule the world by first winning over the children.

Tiptoe Through the Tulips, Parts 1 & 2: Boskov goes into hibernation on the very day Con Carne has set for the invasion of the world. Con Carne gets away from the hibernating Boskov by breaking the container that houses him on the bear's head, then finds himself stuck in a pickle jar for the next six months, waiting for Boskov to come out of his winter sleep.

Season 2 (2004)

Episode No.

Episode Title

Original Airdate

10 "No No Nanuk / Teenage Idol" October 1, 2004
No No Nanuk: Hector recruits the help of every arctic misfit in a plan to freeze the earth by fluctuating the magnetism of earth and make everywhere on earth a freezing pole. He succeeds despite Cod Commando's efforts, but the earth's gravity has gone. Everything floats up to space and Hector is abducted by aliens. Luckily for Hector, the aliens have exposed brains and a stomach that he can see, and Hector is accepted into their group.

Teenage Idol: Hector begins another plan to rule the world, by recruiting the help of a giant stone idol that is alive. The idol is not exactly what he expected; it's only 15 in idol years! He says that he'll only help Hector if he gets a date with Major Doctor Ghastly. Ghastly refuses, so Hector dresses up as Ghastly and seduces the idol to help him, but the idol's parents come and forbid him from helping Hector or dating Ghastly.

11 "The Mother of All Evils / The HCCBDD" October 8, 2004
The Mother of All Evils: Major Doctor Ghastly buys a huge trojan bear resembling Boskov using Hector's 32 billion dollars. Hector's blind mother stops by to visit Hector, except she does not know Hector is only a brain and a stomach inside a bear. She then accidentally goes inside the Trojan bear, thinking it's the bathroom, and drives off in it towards the White House. Hector goes after her and meets with the "President". The "President" then tells Hector's mother who Hector really is, which Hector was afraid of her knowing. But Hector's mother is not surprised and accepts Hector for who he is.

The HCCBDD: Hector is depressed that he has not been able to take over the world yet, and feels he is missing something. Then Major Doctor Ghastly creates the HCCBDD, which she intends to show Hector the following day. Then that night, Hector's arch-enemy, Estroy, comes over for a "slumber party" with Ghastly, with the intention of stealing the HCCBDD. Estroy tricks Ghastly into showing him where the HCCBDD is. Estroy is then thrown away into the pool of dolphins and sharks. The HCCBDD is later revealed to be Hector's birthday party, something Hector was not expecting.

12 "Gridlocked and Loaded / Fool's Paradise" October 15, 2004
Gridlocked and Loaded: Hector has a plan to steal gold from a ship, but they get stuck in traffic and are frustrated because they might be too late. In the car they argue and get restless. They discover a button which transforms their car into a robot. when they finally got there they discover Tony the annoying Grunt, whom Hector fired earlier, robbed the boat before them.

Fool's Paradise: Hector, Ghastly and Skarr go on vacation, but the only one who is relaxed on this vacation is Hector. Ghastly is annoyed by Estroy's romantic advances, and Skarr is just having a bad vacation.

13 "Jealousy, Jealous Do / Hector, King of the Britons" October 22, 2004
Jealousy, Jealous Do: Hector gets a new secretary who is actually a Swedish spy trying to steal Hector's secret plans. She flirts with Boskov completely oblivious to the fact that Hector can tell her the secrets, not Boskov. Meanwhile, Major Doctor Ghastly is jealous of Hector and the secretary's relationship. At the end Cod Commando steals the secret plans posing as a guard.

Hector, King of the Britons: Hector wants to rule Britain so he goes to Great Britain to find Excalibur, but the Lady of the Lake will not give it to him even after he does things to prove himself worthy. When he finally steals Excalibur he finds out that the King has no power in Britain. In the Amusing ending, the "Lady of the Lake" steals the sword back by banging him over the head two times after Hector asked for "two lumps" {of sugar} in his tea.

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