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Esme & Roy is a children's television series produced by Canada-based animation studio Nelvana and Sesame Street creator Sesame Workshop, in association with Corus Entertainment.

The show aired simultaneously on HBO and HBO Family in the United States and Treehouse TV in Canada on August 18, 2018.

On May 6, 2019, it was announced that the series was renewed for a second season and would also air as part of the Family Night block on PBS Kids' 24/7 channel in the summer. In September 2019, it was announced new episodes of the show would be moving from HBO to HBO Max, starting with the second season.[1] The second season premiered on June 25, 2020. A holiday-themed episode was released on December 10, 2020. The second season premiered on PBS Kids on Saturday, March 6, 2021.

The show in the US have been airing reruns on Cartoonito since September 18, 2021.


The series follows a young girl named Esme and her best monster friend, Roy, the most in-demand "monster sitters" in Monsterdale, a town populated mostly by colorful monsters. The duo set out to solve big problems by playing and helping out the young monsters with their problems.


  • Esme (voiced by Millie Davis)
  • Roy (voiced by Patrick McKenna)
  • Dumpling (voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Hugo Ooga (voiced by Shayle Simons)
  • Fig Ooga (voiced by Elle Simons)
  • Tillie Plink (voiced by Abigail Oliver)
  • Snugs Muzzywump (voiced by Benjamin Hum)
  • Simon Swoozle (voiced by Jacob Soley)
  • Sid Hoozlewoo & Lucy Hoozlewoo (voiced by Christian Corrao & Hattie Kragten)
  • Frank Bleederblop & Franny Bleederblop (voiced by Justin Paul Kelly & Lilly Bartlam)
  • Mom & Dad (voiced by Sunday Muse and Donald Burda)