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Elliott from Earth is a British-American science fiction comedy animated television series created by Guillaume Cassuto for Cartoon Network. Announced in 2018, from the team behind CN EMEA’s multi-award-winning global hit The Amazing World of Gumball, it would roll out globally, starting with premieres in the U.K. and Africa on March 6, 2021.[1] It premiered on March 6, 2021 in the UK with an hour-long first episode and premiered on March 29, 2021 in the United States.[2]


Elliott from Earth is an animated sci-fi comedy about a boy and his mom who find themselves suddenly transported somewhere across the universe surrounded by an amazing array of aliens from new and unknown corners of the galaxy. While trying to work out who brought them there and why, they make a new home for themselves and encounter new friends, including Mo, the only other being from Earth – a talking stegosaurus.



  • Elliott (voiced by Samuel Faraci)
    • Having grown up moving from place to place on Earth, he finally finds himself at home in space, on a floating city called the Centrium populated by strange aliens from every corner of the universe. Friendly, enthusiastic and always willing to try something new, Elliott often rushes into things without fully thinking them through. This means he frequently ends up in very strange situations like trying to care for a tentacled creature that won’t stop growing!
  • Mo (voiced by Noah Bentley)
    • Mo doesn’t know how he got to biosphere 1138, but soon gets some help from his new friends Elliott and Frankie! Before meeting Elliott and Frankie, he mostly smelled his way around, but with his new friends (and new pair of glasses), his world is about to get a whole lot bigger! Mo is sweet and a little shy but can’t hide his amazement at the diverse range of aliens he meets and loses no time in trying to get to know them all!
  • Frankie (voiced by Naomi McDonald)
    • It’s unlike anything she’s ever seen before as a geologist. The fact that no one believes her theory that the rock is of alien origin, just strengthens her resolve to search for more evidence all over the country, in the hope of finding answers. Frankie’s logical, scientific approach to things doesn’t mean she never acts impulsively and her love for Elliott means they’ll travel to the ends of the earth together, or further.
  • Lord Kallous The Merciless (voiced by Stephen Greif)
    • Lord Kallous the Merciless, or ‘Mr. K’ to his students, has put his past as an intergalactic tyrant behind him. After the destruction of his home world (it was only partially his fault), his new life on the Centrium means he often finds himself struggling with an enemy far greater than anything he has faced before: school kids and middle management!

Supporting Characters

  • Nara (voiced by Mandeep Dhillon)
  • Hive Director (voiced by Angelina Ispani)
  • 105E (voiced by Diane Morgan)
  • Earmouse (voiced by Tony Hull)
  • Invisibill (Voiced by Ashton Frank)
  • Preston
  • Steve
  • Vax
  • Vox
  • Kane (voiced by Rich Hall)
  • Gym (voiced by Jessie Lawrence)
  • Mrs. Argolis (voiced by Teresa Gallagher, Naomi McDonald and Jess McDonald)

Series Overview

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1 16 March 6, 2021 (U.K. and Africa)
March 29, 2021 (USA)
April 9, 2021 (USA)


No. Title Plot Airdate
1 Wednesday Elliott and his Mom, Frankie, investigate a mysterious rock which is not from Earth. March 29, 2021
2 Somewhere across the universe, Elliott and Frankie discover a new place, and its strange inhabitants. March 29, 2021
3 Elliott, Frankie and their new companion Mo find the strange new environment they're in isn't quite what it seems. March 29, 2021
4 Lost and alone, Elliott, Frankie and Mo have to accept all the help they can get. March 29, 2021
5 Idiosyncratic Induction On Elliott’s first day at the Hive, he meets the most unusual characters on his adventure so far. March 30, 2021
6 Memory Mayhem Frankie tries to discover more about the mysterious rock that bought them to their new home, with the help of an entity called The Head. March 30, 2021
7 Developing Dilemma Frankie lets Elliott get a pet, which doesn’t go down well with their new neighbor. March 31, 2021
8 Inadvertent Inversion As Elliott, Mo and Frankie all try something new at the Hive, they find their worlds are about to be turned upside down again. March 31, 2021
9 Regurgitated Reminiscence Elliott and Mo go to great lengths to retrieve Frankie’s old coffee machine. April 1, 2021
10 Chaotic Clumping Elliott and Mo accidentally take a teleporter together and find themselves closer than they’ve ever been before. Will they decide to mutually part ways? April 1, 2021
11 Parallel Paradox Elliott finds himself having to be in two places at once. April 2, 2021
12 Problematic Prophecies Elliott and Mo make a new friend, Nara, who has a very special ability. April 5, 2021
13 Temporal Tedium It's Fizzness Time! What does that even mean? Elliott and Mo make it their thing to find out as they meet Preston, a slow, yet hilarious prankster with a penchant for jewelry. April 6, 2021
14 Companion Confusion After a failed experiment in trying to find true love, Mo has to save Elliott from being sucked off the Centrium into outer space. April 7, 2021
15 Melancholic Megalomaniac Elliott and Mo try to cheer up Lord Kallous, with the help of someone from his past. April 8, 2021
16 Diminishing Discourse Elliott and Frankie decide to tell Mo about what really happened to the dinosaurs. April 9, 2021


  • The series shares a similar style to The Amazing World of Gumball, though the backgrounds are illustrated instead of live-action.
  • As of the end of October 2019, the show creator and original showrunner Guillaume Cassuto, left the show due to a "mutual parting of ways" with Cartoon Network.[3]
  • Some sequences in most episodes execute at 60 frames-per-second.



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