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DreamWorks Dragons is an animated television series based on the animated film series. It began airing on Cartoon Network on Tuesday, September 4, 2012.[1] Before its premiere, producer Tim Johnson declared that the series would be "dark" and "deep".[2] The show reveals more new species of dragons including the dragons from the Book of Dragons special.

On August 7, 2012, an hour-long sneak peek premiered, containing 2 episodes ("How to Start a Dragon Academy" and "Viking for Hire") that were never aired in the actual series. These episodes were extras, however, they did contain information on how the Dragon Academy was started.

A total of 40 episodes aired on Cartoon Network during the first two seasons, subtitled Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk respectively. The third season was subtitled Race to the Edge, which debuted on Netflix on June 26, 2015. Since moving to Netflix, 3 additional seasons have been produced. As of 2017, this show is now on Universal Kids, albeit they kept the Cartoon Network logo at the end of the show due to CN financing this show.


After Hiccup Horrorendous Haddock III discovered dragons could be trained, the Isle of Berk appeared to be safe, until its residents realized how many dragons there actually are! Now the battle against enemies as they explore worlds they never dreamed existed.[3]Also, the relationships between Hiccup and Stoick, Toothless, and Astrid will be further expanded upon.

Future Spoilers/Rumours (for Dragons: Defenders of Berk)

  • Anna Maria Perez de Tagle is voicing a character in two episodes, though she might have been an unused voice for Heather, but she might be a new character in Dragons: Defenders of Berk.
  • Astrid's home life and family will be touched on in Season 2.
  • Dagur the Deranged, who debuted in Episode 15-"Twinsanity" will play a bigger role in Defenders of Berk.
  • Gobber will be getting his own dragon, no say on what it might be like.
  • An episode featuring just the dragons "might be in the future" according to John Sanford.
  • More on Hiccup's mother will be covered in Season 2.

New Characters and Dragons Introduced in Season 1


  • Mulch
  • Bucket 
  • Mildew (and Fungus)
  • Hildegard
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larson
  • Alvin the Treacherous
  • Savage
  • Sven
  • Trader Johann
  • Heather
  • Heather's parents
  • Dagur the Deranged
  • Gustave
  • Thornado


  • Typhoomerang
  • Thunder Drum
  • Fireworm
  • Scauldron
  • Whispering Death
  • Smothering Smokebreath
  • Changewing


  • Jay Baruchel as Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
  • America Ferrera as Astrid Hofferson
  • Nolan North as Stoick the Vast
  • Chris Edgerly as Gobber the Belch
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Fishlegs Ingerman
  • Julie Marcus and T.J. Miller as Ruffnut and Tuffnut Thorston
  • Zack Pearlman as Snotlout Jorgenson
  • Thomas F. Wilson as Bucket
  • Tim Conway as Mulch
  • Brook Chalmers as Sven
  • Mark Hamill as Alvin the Treacherous, leader of the Outcasts
  • Paul Rugg as Savage, Alvin's second-in-command
  • Stephen Root as Mildew
  • David Faustino as Dagur the Deranged, leader of the Berserkers
  • Michael Goldstorm as Trader Johann
  • Mae Whitman as Heather


  • In one episode named How to Pick Your Dragon (episode 7) , Stoick receives his own dragon: a Thunder Drum named Thornado.
  • Alvin the Treacherous from the books makes his appearances.
  • A new dragon named Torch, a baby Typhoomerang, is introduced in Episode 4-"The Terrible Twos" whose name is a cross between typhoon and boomerang.
  • Ruffnut and Tuffnut's dragon is confirmed with the name Barf and Belch.[4]
  • An exclusive one hour sneak peek was aired on August 7th, 2012.
  • Alvin the Treacherous is introduced with a 2 part series. These are episodes 5 & 6.
  • Hiccup and Snotlout are the only known Viking teens on Berk that don't have blonde hair.
  • The bonds between the Vikings and their dragons seem stronger in the TV show than in the books.
  • Much like Hiccup does not wear his helmet when flying after Toothless managed to retrieve it in Gift of the Night Fury, he has not yet worn it in the show. Other then not wanting to accidently risk losing it again, another reason could be that since it was made from the remaining half of his late mother's breastplate, it is an important memento that can not be replaced.
  • In the movie and Gift of the Night Fury, Hiccup wears a rider's jacket when he is flying on Toothless but he so far has not worn once in the series.
  • In Book of Dragons, they seem to be very knowledgeable of all dragons, but in the series, they seem to have no clue on new dragons. Example: they seem to know all the facts on the Whispering Death and know how to train it by brushing its teeth, but in Riders of Berk, when Toothless's rival apears, they have no clue how to train it. And when they see the Changewings, they have to look at the Book of Dragons to identify it and learn about it, even though in the animated short they knew exactly what it does. This is probably because the series takes place before Book of Dragons.