Cyborg 009 is a 2001 anime adaptation of a manga created by Shotaro Ishinomori. The manga was serialized in many different magazines, including Monthly Shōnen King, Weekly Shōnen Magazine, Shōnen Big Comic, COM, Shōjo Comic, Weekly Shōnen Sunday, Monthly Shōnen Jump, and Monthly Comic Nora in Japan. The manga was published in English by Tokyopop with all the sound effects left out untranslated; as of 2006 it went out of print and ended at volume 10. The Tokyopop-translated volumes were later reprinted as digital manga by Comixology in 2013.

Cyborg 009 premiered in the U.S., edited for content, on Cartoon Network's Toonami block on June 30, 2003. The second half of the series aired outside of Toonami on an early AM time-slot on Friday nights/Saturday mornings, likely due to its dark content and the poor ratings of the first season. Cartoon Network would cease airing the series before the "Yomi Group" recap and left the final few episodes unseen in the USA, though they would later air on Cartoon Network Australia the following year.


The tale of nine regular humans kidnapped by the evil Black Ghost Organization to become human experiments. The result of this tampering are nine cyborgs, each one having super human powers. The nine cyborgs band together to fight for their freedom and to stop Black Ghost. The evil organization's goal is to start the next world war, by supplying any rich buyers with their choice of countless weapons of war and mass destruction.


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