Clarence: Dust Buddies
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Front DVD cover.

Company Warner Home Video
Show Clarence
Release date September 15, 2015
No. of discs 1
No. of episodes 12
Run time 132 mins
Rating TV PG
Region Code 1
Format DVD

Clarence: Dust Buddies is a DVD release of the american Cartoon Network series, Clarence. It contains 12 episodes of the series. It's released in North America on September 15, 2015.


The DVD cover artwork shows Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo on top of a mattress outside.


  • "Money Broom Wizard"
  • "Dust Buddies"
  • "Clarence Gets a Girlfriend"
  • "Dinner Party"
  • "Dollar Hunt"
  • "Puddle Eyes"
  • "Nature Clarence"
  • "Lizard Day Afternoon"
  • "The Forgotten"
  • "Jeff Wins"
  • "Patients"
  • "Rough Riders Elementary"

Special Features

  • Audio Commentary On All Episodes With Writers, Actors and Directors
  • Deleted Scenes With Commentary
  • Bonus Episode: "Balance"
  • Multi-Angle Animation Showcase


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